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I too feel a little queazy... that anyone could absolutely and unquestionably love a fictional construct. And one who has terminated as an ongoing narrative.

But your emotional investment in him is quite undeniably genuine...

I don't think Chase "loves" Tony and I especially do not believe that he admires him. The character is not the wayward prodigal son who is welcomed back by his loved ones. Nor does he not represent the "better angels" of our nature but the very contrary.

From reading the few hints from Chase it has become more clear as to who had Tony killed. It wasn't necessarily Patsy or Butchie or even the man in the Member's Only jacket.

Tony was killed by the one man who was responsible for his very existence and reason for being. The Director who was responsible "from conception to death". The sudden cut to black should be evidence enough that Tony and his universe cease to exist.

On another note can I suggest another "fictional construct" who might appeal to your more spiritual sensibilities and someone who is more moral and virtuous than Tony.

The US version of Life On Mars is reminiscent of Tony's coma dream but this time it is Sam Tyler a New York police detective from 2008 who is "living" in another world of 1973. Though the show is based on the British series of the same name it is more "Godly" in its theme. (I have to confess as an atheist I am not comfortable with this, as The Sopranos and the original Life On Mars never took this angle).

And Michael Imperioli features in it as a 70s cop.

Incidentally my wife and I have really enjoyed Mad Men!

Re: More comments from Chase

Oh you are so right conkom! its ridiculous really. But i think what i am trying to convey is that it is Chase i "love" , or rather, his creation.- And of course on a platonic, sublime level. It's Chase's art- his creation that goes beyond Tony and the Sopranos. Not in the roadie fanatic way where i want to follow him around like he is a rock star. i mean, my name isn't chaseisgod! (btw- where ARE you chaseisgod!?) :icon_biggrin:

And yeah- isn't MadMen amazing!?
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