Re: The Series Coming Full Circle

Just came back to my original post in this thread, all the way back from June 2006. I still have a feeling Tony will lose an immediate family member before this series has ended. Will it be Carmella (as Fly has been predicting for years)? Or perhaps one of his little ducklings?

The ducks have had a continuous impact on Tony throughout the entire series. He watched for them for years and always kept food out in case they returned (which instead only attracted a bear). Now though, with his whole life falling apart, he seems to have given up all hope of their return. He has drained the pool, draining also a symbol of family and happiness. Not only was the pool the site where he gleefully welcomed in the family of ducks in the first season, but it is also where he first reunited with Carmella in season five after their separation. Now though, the pool has most recently become a symbol of loss and downward spiral – a reminder of Tony’s near-loss of his son. The pool has now been emptied; the family is uprooted, separated, and in danger. All hope for a happy ending seems to have vanished.

Something big has still yet to happen.

On a side note, imagine the scene if the ducks physically returned now, met with nothing but an empty house and an empty pool? How tragically ironic would that be?

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