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I think the storyline from season 1 will be Chris's interest in the movie biz. Which was already revived in season 6A I know. I think the series will have a surprisingly happy ending for Tony and Chris, after some tragedy and death for others. Cleaver will be a success and Chris will become rich and famous, and go to Hollywood. Tony will be reluctant to let him go, a la Eugene, but after Tony has a realization (or a breakthrough with Melfi) that he can't stay in the life forever, he'll take up Chris's offer to follow him to Hollywood and become a consultant in a mob movie. The last scene will be a kaisha-like family gathering, but in will be in Casa Soprano west, their new home in LA. Carm and AJ will be happy to live in California, and Meadow and Finn will be just up the coast in northern Cal.

Not sure if theme is the right word, but there have been many references to moving to the Western US throughout the series.

- selling Indian blankets and having Mormons to dinner
- selling patio furniture in San Diego
- Johnny Boy wanting to move to Reno, but Livia said no
- Big Puss wanting to relocate to Scottsdale Arizona
- Davey Scatino moved west to a ranch
- the coma dream takes place somewhere in the west
- Chris's interest in movies, and trip to Hollywood
- Meadow wanting to go to Berkely early on, and now going west with Finn, possibly to go to school or settle and/or get married

The first 2 were references by Tony about why he wouldn't want to relocate west under WP. But Kevin Finnerty was like an extension of those ideas, showing him what it would be like to be a normal citizen. I'm not great at imagery and symbolism, but it seems the west represents freedom in the show (as much as Tony resists it). Is there anything to all this? Will Tony and Carm end up living in California?

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I think the series will come full cirlcle in regards to Tony's mother trying to have him killed in the first season. That was one of the major moments of the whole series. It was the backbone for the the whole first season and much what followed in other seasons was about Tony dealing with the fact that Livia, his own mother, tried to kill him and his relationship with her.

David Chase has said that in season six more focus will be on AJ being the next generation of Livia.
If AJ somehow tried to set up Tony to be whacked it would bring it full circle to the events of the first season. This would also tie in with his fear of losing his family.
Hopefully Meadow can get away from the family (she was the only one not around for the Christmans finale). Tony loves her the most and may save her as he did with his little sister, Barb.

AJ has not been shown to be as despicable as Livia or Janice (who also tried to get Tony whacked- in season two with Richie before she killed him)
but AJ is defanatly seen to be extremely self centered.
In the season two opening montage AJ is seen staring at him self in the mirror. In the season six opening montage AJ is taking pictures of himself on his phone and looking at him.
He is the far more self involved than Tony. He seems to have all of TOny and Carmela's bad qualities while Meadow has all the good ones. Tony only made it through one semester at college. AJ didnt even make it that far.

Chris seems like the obvious road to Tony's demise and Carm finding out about Aid could also be a factor but I think having AJ set up Tony would be the best way to bring the show full cirlce.

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I would find it very hard to swallow should Tony enter the Witness Protection Program. All throughout the series Tony has been preaching how “the life” is first and foremost. Some examples are when he killed Feeby in College he told him, “You took an oath.” Before Christopher and Eugene were made in Funhouse (I think), Tony tells them that “the life” comes before everything even their own families. Then when Eugene wanted out in Members Only, Tony once again says, “You took an Oath.” I just don’t think that Tony Soprano would ever flip.

As for AJ killing his father or even setting him up…I don’t think that would happen. We saw how incompetent AJ was when he went to (try and) “kill” Junior in Johnny Cakes. The knife fell out of his jacket. Besides I think his love for his father is genuine like we saw when he was at Tony’s bedside in Join the Club. If anything I think AJ will become more like Tony, since he is already suffering from panic attacks.

My take is that if Tony is set up it will be by Patsy Parisi, who still harbors a grudge against Tony over his twin brother being whacked. Then again what do I know? I just try to enjoy the show and let Chase take me on an amazing ride.

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I don't think AJ will succeed in killing his father as much as I think his weaknesses will lead him to put his father in an unsafe position. AJ has been shown again and agian to be completely self involved and unreliable. Now that he has a job and girlfriend with a kid he has more responsability than ever. He might give Tony the impression that he is capable and adult. But once he loses his ambition to please his girlfriend he will fall apart. OR his girlfriend (who knew very well who AJ's family is) will lead him down the wrong path.
Either way, I think AJ's basic nature (not the nature of being a "good guy" that Tony stated) will be crucial in Tony or Tony's families demise.

As for Patsy turning agianst Tony, I totally agree. But someone closer to Tony will have to be involved (Chris, AJ or Carmella).

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Some brilliant points by everyone. For my money, I think the full-circle theme will involve Tony being back at square one and in desperate need of therapy, but I'm convinced this time he will be so irrepairably damaged by the loss of a loved one (Chris? Carmela? One of his children? The Life?), that he is beyond redemption. Much like he was in the first episode, I predict he will end the series as a financially comfortable, excessive yet (even more) lonely figure. For all we've learnt about his psyche, and for all he's acknowledged the observations Melfi has made over the years, none of it has made him a better person, he has never acted practically on the advice she gave him, and when he does it is completely misinterpreted and on his own terms (like beating the shit out of Perry in Season 6A). He's nowhere. A bit like Kevin Finnerty.
One of the most telling parts of Chase's comentary for 'Kaisha' was his final, chilling comment after Carmela agrees with AJ's girlfriend that they have a beautiful home. 'At what cost?'
I can't wait to find out.
Though you never know, he may just get wacked or thrown in jail.

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The closer we get to April, the more I believe that the betrayal to Tony will be within his own blood family. We've seen Carmela change gears as long as it suits her needs. We know AJ does not respect Tony for his lifestyle in the mafia. We have seen Janice, well we have seen Janice do "acts of Janice" since the beginning of the show. Tony has said over and over that everything he does he does for Carmela and the kids. But we know the truth, he does it for himself.

Okay now my speculation words of wisdom...(as I make it up)

So I think that the end of this show cannot be predicted as I once thought. I think one last "situation" will occur. It will involve everyone, still alive, when it happens, and everyone is going to run for cover. They will protect one person, themselves.

Then, will have bloodshed. :icon_evil:

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CanadianSteve wrote:I'm not great at imagery and symbolism, but it seems the west represents freedom in the show (as much as Tony resists it).
I hadn't thought about that before, but I think you may be right.
Meadow going west, the patio furniture, seems like going west really could represent freedom from "the life."

I would really be surprised to see Tony, Carmella, Meadow, and Chris living happily ever after in CA. I'm not one of those who think Tony will go to prison, die, or wind up in WP, but packing everyone up to move west seems a little story-bookish to me.

I think the ending will revolve around a revelation in Tony's therapy and/or an event that brings closure to Tony's home life...but nothing so dramatic as a mass relocation (WP or

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[quote="TonyUncleRay"]I hadn't thought about that before, but I think you may be right.
Meadow going west, the patio furniture, seems like going west really could represent freedom from "the life."

Also- Tony very much resents the fact that Janice took off on Livia as a youth. She went to Seattle, which is about as far west as you can go.

I have no clue how the series might come full circle. Such excitement and intrigue in the months ahead!!! I do anticipate the ducks coming back, and if Tony is indeed there to see them, he'll probably be without one or more of his nuclear family. However the ducks might also come back just as Tony leaves for good, gone west or otherwise.

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