Little Carmine

I was just thinking, where is Little Carmine in the war between NY and NJ. I know he is considered to be with NY, but he also seems to be very tight with Tony. In the past he has also brokered peace treaties between NY and NJ, acting as sort of a liason. Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on his figuring into the final episode...

Re: Little Carmine

Well, we know there's a snitch in Phil's inner circle and my bet is that it's Butch. I say this in part because he reminds me of Sammy "the Bull" Gravano who sold out John Gotti. If so, that would eliminate both Phil and Butch from running NY. One in prison and one in the program. This could very well put Little Carmine back in the big seat in New York. This would be ironic given Carmine's waxing philosophically about why he no longer wants to be boss- an irony that seems right up David Chase's ally.

It would also help create the sense that a friend and ally of Tony's is in charge of New York now. And give us one more hilarious malapropism to go out on. It would lift the storm clouds over Tony, and I predict it will happen but only to lull us into a false sense of safety before we turn back toward one final catastrophe. Keep in mind that Carmine was also a friend of Rusty Milio's who Tony helped get rid of.

Re: Little Carmine

I can't see Butch being the rat in Phil's crew because he seems to be the one besides Phil who hates Tony so much. Even if he was the rat, I could still he him not giving that info to the feds simply because he would want to see Tony dead....

I think the leak might be Albie...

Good point about Little Carmine and the Rusty hit. I don't trust Little Carmine because he seemed to like Tony when he came to talk to him down in Florida during Season 4 about the problems with John & Carmine Sr. That whole effort backfired because his father made comments about wishing Tony would of been his son or like a son to him...I can't remember exactly but i do remember his fathers reaction to his meeting with Tony changed his whole demeanor towards Tony...

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