Is Junior running the show??

I know we are all thinkning the same thing right now, how is this show going to end in just one more hour? As I sit and ponder different scenerios in my head Junior came to mind, is he really insane or could he be an absolute genius? Did Junior get in Phil's ear? Could he be responsible for planning Tony's demise?

I may be looking pretty far into this but I wouldn't be suprised if Chase threw this curve ball at us.
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Re: Is Junior running the show??

Marlowe wrote:I gotta say no. I think we may have seen the last of Junior, a beaten and frail old man at the end of Remember When.
Junior is yet another in a series of loose ends that needs to be tied up within the next hour. I do not think that we have seen the last of him especially after there was an entire scene between Tony and Janice that revolved around Junior. We will probably see him in one or two more scenes next week just to tie up the loose ends surrounding his character.

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