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I think Tony survives the war and they end up killing Phil, Butchie, & a few other guys who get in the way. I think when it is all said and done Paulie will be one of the few who actually had Tony's back all along considering what has happened during the series. I don't think Tony will die because that just seems too obvious for everyone....I think Chase might do something different so he can keep the character alive incase they comeback for a movie or something....

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canarsiekid5 wrote:Ya know, this could be kinda farfetched, but hear me out. What if Janice ended up killing tony? He fought with her about Bobby not long before he was gunned down, and Bobby did get into a fistfight w/ him. It wouldn't be hard for that crazy bitch to assume he had something to do with it, and we all know she is capable of killing someone she "loves"(Richie Aprile). Just food for thought.

It’s funny how Janice is a “crazy bitch” but Paulie and Sil and Chris and Ralph (and even Tony) are – by implied but unspoken 'reverence' - the ‘pillars of exemplary manhood’ in mafiadom.

I hope she doesn’t kill Tony, and I don't believe she will. But, even if she did, how would this killing - in the rarefied scenario of this series -be any different from any other that has already gone down? After all, she is "her father's daughter" as much as Tony is his son.

I really think that some of the views expressed around here regarding Janice (and 'crazy bitch' is one of the milder ones) go way overboard in assessing this character. Yes, she killed Richie, and don’t you think that some wives that have been slapped and kicked around mercilessly by their husbands (in those 'domestic disputes' ) have sometimes thought of the same thing? And they weren't brought up in a household of crime and don't/didn't have Johnny Soprano for a father.

Janice didn't need much prompting though, as neither Chris nor Paulie did when they murdered that restaurant waiter, or Ralph, when he killed with his bare hands that pitiful BB dancer.

Janice has had to make her own way in life, saddled (as Tony) with a background that wouldn't portend success in any 'normal' sense. Yes, she made some bad choices and has done some really goofy, and often criminal things (so what else is new?). Yet, I admire her spunk and determination to live life as best she knows how. This I would suppose is not easy under any circumstances when being a "2nd. class person", i.e., a female, in Mafiadom.

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I doubt that Chase will end the show in a way that has been done before (particularly in other Mafia films). For this reason I would be very surprised to see one of Tony’s children murdered (3). I also do not expect Tony to enter the Program (Goodfellas) or to be killed in an act of ultimate justice (too many films to count, but, for argument’s sake: The Public Enemy, Casino).

The Sopranos is a good example of a dramatic narrative that is well-grounded in reality. As we know, it features numerous loose ends and rarely depicts events that are beyond the scope of real-life possibility. This makes things a bit uncomfortable with respect to Tony’s current predicament. Watching Members Only last night, I was reminded of the frightening fact that Phil has 200 soldiers at his disposal. While we might be used to TV and movie heroes defying the odds and succeeding in the end, it seems nearly impossible in this case. Tony is not Jack Bauer, as much as many of us would like him to be right now. I truly think that Chase will not placate the viewers this Sunday by offering a New Jersey victory in this war. It simply wouldn’t make sense. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that the show will end in a “life goes on” way, just as seasons 3 and 6a did. I’m ultimately not sure if these two instincts can be reconciled.

If I could have one wish granted for the finale, it would be for a sit-down involving Tony and the heads of the Five Families. (Can anyone say Pacino and de Niro cameos?:icon_eek:)

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St. Stephen wrote:This is easy. Tony flips, goes into the Witness Protection Program, where he is known only by his new name, "John From Cincinnati" :icon_wink: :icon_wink:

He could go into witness protection, and they give him the new name of Kevin Finnerty. Naahhhhhh...

I've gotta say, I can see Janice whacking somebody -- Tony, Phil, Paulie, but somebody. You don't think Janice is going to go home and grieve like some dowdy housewife do you?
Christofuh says: "Tony has big decisions to make, like whether or not to have that third sandwich..." :icon_razz:

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If Tony survives; due to losing big earners, and changes in the Soprano territories, income is badly depleted, he has to sell his house, new people moving in refills his pool. I say Sil survives but not to his full self, crippled and brain disifunctioned.

Perhaps Tony is "retired" as a way to stop further violence. Tony and Carmella if she stays with Tony, have to move to Las Vegas, he gets a position there of some kind that a mafioso would be doing. He will be out of the way of the east coast, sort of a way out of the mess he is in, but intact physically, a way out.

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I don't even want to entertain what could happen. Whether FBI/death/no-death/Russian comes back, I am going to not think about it and just enjoy a pure david chase directed and written episode. This is the one he said he was thinking about for years, allegedly, so I am figuring it'll be the most polished gem of the bunch (I would hope so). See you guys in the talkback...

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I almost don't even want to predict an ending because Chase always surprises me, but I'll give it a go just for fun.

-I think NJ and NY will exchange "hits" on lower level guys as each family tries to find the whereabouts of the other family's boss. I could see Benny getting clipped in this scenario on Jersey's end and the bald dude getting it on NY's end.

-Jersey finds out where Phil is by turning one of his guys or looking to one of the other 4 bosses for help. Paulie and Tony whack Phil as he's walking out of his safe-house.

-Butch becomes the lead guy in NY and decides to respond to Phil getting killed, but before he can the Feds take him and everyone else involved in the war down. This leaves the NY family in shambles.

-Tony, escaping yet another threat, goes to the facility that Uncle Jun is at and has one more confrontation with him.

-Towards the end of the episode Tony has a panic attack when driving and runs off the road. He dies in the accident.

-A scene is shown with Melfi reading about Tony's death in the newspaper.

-Not sure where Tony's family fits in. I can't figure out what AJs role will be, but i know he'll have one.

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