Re: Mistirious agent Harris and arab thing

I'm basing mine off an event I saw in last week's episode where Carmela was at the table in Arti's restuarant alone. I feel that she is going to end up alone after everything is said and done. I think Meadow is going to move away and start working at becoming a lawyer, I think AJ is going to get caught up in this war somehow, and I think Tony is going to die (probably by one of his own)

I also think Phil and his #1 guy (forgot his name) will end up dead.

I'm hoping for a scene towards the end where they just take out everyone ala Godfather, Goodfellas, and Casino. (which since Chase bases a lot of thing off movies, it might happen) Also, I used to think a car bombing might happen (at the beginning of Season 6, Casino-like). Maybe that will be how Tony ends.

The one thing I'm really hoping that doesn't happen is that Tony flips........oh, and that the ending doesn't leave the possibility of a movie open.

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