Johnny Sack

Not sure if this is the right place, but in the opening montage of Season 2, you see Junior's FBI card as ''Boss'' be replaced by Tony. Tony is listed with the rest of the family Capos in a line, until he is moved up to ''Street Boss''. However, a freeze frame on the DVD shows that this is how the Capos of the DiMeo Family are listed:

Larry Boy Barese Johnny Sack Anthony "Tony" Soprano Raymond Curto
Capo Capo Capo Capo

The point being that at that time (Season 2) Johnny Sack was thought of, at least by the FBI, as being a Capo in Tony's family.

Re: Johnny Sack

That's an interesting observation.

Speaking of observations, in Season 4 Episode 1, at the end of the epiosde, Christopher goes to his mothers house first thing in the morning. After she enters the kitchen, they began chatting, and Christopher, reffering to the photo of a boy on the fridge asks if that was (I can't exactly remember her name's) son. The mother says yes, and blames the boy being overweight on his mother not having him baptised. His mother and him both seemed to be speaking about Christopher's sister and her child.

But during last week's episode, when everyone is sitting in Kelly's kitchen and talking about Christopher's death and the accident being blamed on cocaine in his system, his mother walks over to the liquor cabinet and as she tries to pour another drink she breaks down and says "My only child!".

With the exception of Season 6 Part 2, I have watched every episode of the Soprano's at least 5 times. I can recite most of them word for word. And it is rare if not-existant that Chase and the writers make an oopsie on the story line. Actually. These may be the only times.

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