New Clip of Final Episodes

If you go to, click on the Exclusive Trailer link. The video window will pop up, loading the trailer. But look down where all the other clips are. In the top left, there's a new clip of Junior in the mental hospital, talking with some familiar friends. There are really no spoilers, so I think it's safe to post here.

Re: New Clip of Final Episodes

FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:HBO's site has added two new clips, one from each of the first two eps. They are entitled "Sneak Peeks", one from Tony's b-day party, one from the Cleaver premiere.
I'm not a big fan of them throwing out clips like that. Without any context it makes it look somewhat lame.

Re: question

I wasn't sure where to post this - but a thread about clips seems like a good place

I'm wondering if someone can help me. I was watching an old preview clip from start of season and noticed a shot of Christopher that I don't THINK we've seen yet (though I may be 100% wrong)

if you go to

and scroll down a tad and go to the HBO promo that aired April 8, you will see what I'm talking about. It's a scene with Christopher driving, cigarette dangling from mouth, watching a car in his rearview mirror (the implication is he's being followed)

am i completely out of it - or has this not yet aired?

If not, I guess it might have been cut? but since Christopher is mentioned in the final episode's description I figure there's good chance he's going to show up again in some form

Re: question

You're correct that it hasn't aired. It was probably cut, but there is a chance it could be a flashback. And the final episode description that mentioned Christopher was proven to be a fake, so pay no attention to it, please.

Re: New Clip of Final Episodes

thanks. I didn't realize that description had been proven fake.

I still find it interesting that we haven't seen that clip yet. it looks like a scene soley from Christopher's point of view, so it's hard to imagine what kind of flashback it could be (whose flashback?) the car in the rearview mirror looked like it might be an old style car so maybe one of Tony's car dreams?

i agree it most likely was cut - but I'm still dying to know whether it was a relatively minor scene or an entire dropped storyline? i know it's a fools game to try to guess what the clips mean, but that particular clip looked quite ominous

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