Hope this wasnt posted yet....interview w/ Vitos stuntdouble

Copied from the IMDB board.

THere was an interview done with Joseph Gannascoli's (Vito) stunt double, whose last name is Mancini...this is what he had to say...

" 3/17/2006 - Joe Mancini was the stunt double this season for Joe Gannascoli (Vito). He said he is in a total of seven of the new season's episodes. He filmed a fight scene in West Milford, among other stunts, and "actually shot somebody in the head." That scene was described by producers as "very, very disturbing." Mancini said it was filmed in the snow on a driveway, and was shot through trees. He was told that the footage where he is standing in as Vito would be the footage used in the show. In one stunt, Mancini said, he is dragged 35 feet in a parking garage, hit in the head with a hammer and thrown into the trunk of a car. "This is a huge year for the character Vito. His character really comes out," he said. Here's a photo of Mancini with Joe Gannascoli (source: suburban.gmnews.com) "

Is it possible that this is Vito's fate? Being HORRIBLY whacked?


Re: Hope this wasnt posted yet....interview w/ Vitos stuntdo

Wissyagain....again coming up with the goods - thanks so much for posting.

Looks like this is going to be HUGE!

"The Ride" and "Moe & Joe" seem like they are going to be really pacey, impactful episodes and seemingly the strange pace of Luxury Lounge and Johnny Cakes may prove to have been merely "the calm before the storm" in a season build-up sense....

Thanks again for the spoiler Wissygain


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