Episode 73 Trailer questions

Not sure where to put this thread, since it's concerning HBO's trailer and technically not a spoiler. The trailer is up on HBO's video site, and to me it looks like Vito's hand picking the pipe up off the ground. Patsy and his associate look to be on his trail, and Tony is shown at a ticket window of some kind. It sounds like Vito's wife is the one who tips off Phil about Vito's location.

It looks like AJ is on the receiving end of Tony's "what did you do?", and it's just his refrigerator door that Tony slams in frustration at the end of the trailer. Is this the episode with AJ at Jr's hospital? Or did he screw up with his buddies in some way?

That's all I could glean from the video. Perhaps someone else can either correct any misconceptions I may have had, or enlighten us on other bits.

Looks to be an interesting episode re Vito next week; can't say the same for AJ because I can't stand the character. But I look at AJ this way -- he takes the heat off Chrissie!


Re: Episode 73 Trailer questions

"AJ looks to diversify"

I wonder what AJ could do that could get a reaction from Tony like that. Also, I wonder if Chris or Bobby ever told Tony about AJ looking to buy a gun to finish Junior. I would think that would be very important to know for Tony.

Tony was a father figure to Benny, even though Benny didn't want to accept it Tony made him accept it. Why can't he be like this to AJ? I think Tony's real family will be letting him down in all sorts of ways, contrary to what Tony believes.


Re: Episode 73 Trailer questions

To me it looks like a hotel front desk. They have lots of videos for their customers. But now that I look more closely at the photo, aren't those bars and not videos? It seems like you can look through the space into the room behind. I think they're looking for Vito. Or maybe it's a shipping store/post office. There's a large tape dispenser on the desk. I thought the guy was wearing a robe at first, which made me think hotel, but it's probably a flannel shirt. It is New England, after all!

Sorry for all the rambling there. I'd edit out my first comments, but I want to hear what others think.


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