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JG also looks NOTHING like he did in season 1 or 2. He has less hair, and has packed on quite a few pounds. His face is also much much more older, with jowls, lines, etc. Just compare him in the opening title sequence versus when you actually see him in any episode of the last two seasons, and especially season 6, just before he was shot. At first I was shocked at how much heavier he had become, but assumed it was simply a fat suit to prepare scenes in future episodes showing his gunshot wound. But since he has been out of the hospital, he's still huge.

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well, judging just what I see in these photos, it has all the earmarks of being a boring ending. *yawn*

Looks as if Tony and the family will all fade to black just as in the ending of season 6a. I was hoping the drama was building to Tony finally having to reap what he has sown, but I have a feeling that sense of climax with Tony's downward spiral seemingly getting worse was just false, looks like Tony spends time have one on one's with his family members and we'll probably get some cheesy sense of reconciliation of all the families differences. blah.

I hope this is all deliberately misleading.

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I like the Tony and Jurior shot, but the one that has me most curious is the one of AJ on that white love seat (or is it a "Chase" lounge? LOL!). He looks beat up and it's got me wondering what that is all about. I also noticed the sail boats on the wallpaper in the background. It doesn't look like anyplace we've ever seen before.

The one of Tony Carmela and AJ at the "Ice cream parlor" looks more like a diner to me. Meadow could be to the right of Tony out of the frame. There is a water glass in front of where she would be sitting. It also looks like they are all drinking soda. Who would order a soda at an ice cream shop? Unless of course it was a root beer float!

I can't wait for Sunday.

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bloodshot wrote:i may have stumbled onto something. i belive these pictures are usually in some sort of sequence. There's a shot of tony, camelia and AJ at a table, thrid from last photo. Is this from the legendary last scene at the ice cream palor? are they about to order onion rings? is meadow late because shes parking the car?

i think it's going to end with life going on.
From my understanding, the ice cream parlor scene was the last scene filmed, but perhaps it may be one of the first scenes to air.

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