"Blue Comet' pictures

Someone at TWoP give a heads up to this:

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_01.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_02.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_03.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_04.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_05.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_06.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_07.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_08.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_09.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_10.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_11.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_12.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_13.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_14.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_15.jpg

http://www.hbo.com/sopranos/img/episode ... p85_16.jpg

Re: "Blue Comet' pictures

Thanks terrencewintersolstice, and welcome to The Chase Lounge!

I’m intrigued by the pictures dedicated to Agent Harris, two of them being in Satriale's, and then the other one just outside.

This also confirms that Patsy is in fact the person running through the wet, swampy thing, apparently behind the Bing. Check out pictures 09 and 15 – Same jacket.

Also, as everyone has already guessed, “The Blue Comet” does in fact refer (at least in part) to a trip by Bobby to the model train store (picture 14). Now, though, it remains to be seen if that is where he will meet his demise, as so many sources have reported.

Oh, and check out the Artie sighting in number 10! Damn, how I’ve missed John Ventimiglia this half season!

Re: "Blue Comet' pictures

I caught that. Thank god. I started reading that spoiler and turned away because it seemed to professional and well written to be another fake. I'm all for minor spoilers and reading bogus ones for a good laugh, but I don't think I want to know how it's really going to end. It's just these two weeks between episodes had got me hungry for something.

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