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If you really want to know what will happen in the last episode, read on (WARNING: I HAVE A CONNECTION, THIS IS THE REAL ENDING!!!):

The episode was written and directed by the show's creator David Chase, marking the first time Chase has directed an episode since the series premiere. It is due to air on Sunday June 10, 2007. David Chase is said to have shot three different endings in case spoilers found their way on the internet.

The episode opens at a gas station in upstate New york a couple pull up to a pump in a red Cadillac. It is revealed to be Phil and Patty Leotardo. Phil gets out and begins to fill his tank when Benny Fazio approaches him from behind and shoots him twice in the head. Benny runs and gets into a sedan driven by Patsy Parisi and the two speed off as an african american youth onlooker throws up.

We see see Tony Soprano, Paulie Walnuts, Carlo Gervasi, and Dante Greco playing cards in the safehouse from the prior episode. Tony gets a call from Benny on a payphone. He says "The Shaw's gone," and hangs up. Tony get up and motions for Paulie to follow. The two get into his Escalade after putting his AR-10 inot the backseat. The two drive to Satriales and sit outside all the while discussing days past in Johnny Boy Sopranos heyday. Paulie is working on his tan and Tony is smoking a cigar when a black Cadillac sedan approaches. Little Carmine Luperatazzi exits the backseat while the car drives around the corner. They seat themselves across from Tony and Paulie and begin to discuss recent affairs. After many malaprosims from Carmine and some moronic rambling from Paulie Tony laughs and interjects saying he is proud to be present at the first sit down between the new bosses of New Jersey and Brooklyn. Paulie and Carmine both appear shocked and Tony tells them its long over due and Paulie has been passed up too many times. Tony leaves the two and goes inside to speak with Agent Harris. Who is seen sitting in the back corner. Harris acknowledges Carmines presence and asks if hes to take that Carmine's the new boss of Brooklynn Tony tells him to, "Take whatever the *beep* you want and take one last Veal Parm Hero on the house."

We now see AJ, Carmella, and Meadow in a motel room. A knock on the door prompts Carmella to remove a .45 automatic from her purse and walk to the door and ask whos there? Meadow reading the paper and AJ watching t.v. are both scared. After a long silence a familiar voice say's "A loving father and husband." Carmella opens the door and Tony and Paulie enter they all leave and go back to Casa De Soprano. After arriving home Janice Pulls up, leaves her kids there and her and Tony leave. Leaving Paulie to guard their respective families. The two arrive at a state hospital where they enter one at a time to talk to their Uncle Junior.

The two make small talk until the shooting comes up. Junior apologizes and said he was out of his head and that he always loved Tony even when he didnt show it. Tony and Janice return home around night fall and Tony and Paulie leave again. Carmela is worried and Tony tells her not to worry because this is the last time he will be leaving like this.

Paulie and Tony are sitting in his car at night in an empty parking lot as the snow is falling discussing Paulies promotion. Tony says he will be happy to be Consigliere to Paulie. When headlights shine upon them, the two get out and walk toward a parked SUV. Butch DeConcini and Albie Cianflone exit it and walk toward them. They discuss peace and Tony tells them that if ran under Carmine, Brooklyn could expect no problems from them. They shake hands and Tony suggests a drink to celebrate. Tony walks back to his car and opens the backseat. Tony pulls out a large object covered in a black plastic garbage bag. Paulie runs off to the side and throws himself down and Albie and Butch pull out pistols but are too late when the garbage bag erupts with machine gun fire. Tony helps Paulie out of the snow and the two admire the AR-10 and two dead bodies. Tony looks the gun over and admires a phrase written on the stock. "Made In America." The two then drive away.

We see the Soprano home at daylight the next day. Carmela is in the bathtub, Meadow is asleep, and AJ is unlocking the hidden gun closet in an indoor column. He removes something and then goes outside. We see the pool once again uncovered, yet empty with AJ sitting in the botton holding a hand grenade. He pulls the pin out and holds the handle. He hesitates and throws it to the other end of the pool and it blows up dirtying him. Carmela comes outside with her .45 and nearly shoots her son. Tony arrives to see him sitting on the couch being questioned. AJ says it was so cool. Tony laughs and writes it off and tells everyone to get in the car. Carmela asks where there going and Tony replies, "Out for ice cream."

We see a number of things in the final scene: Paulie the surviving Jersey crew with Carmine and his crew having dinner together and toasting the two's promotions, Silvio's heartbeat monitor going flat, and Janice in a small home with her three kids appearing miserable, Agent Harris arresting the two muslims from the Bada Bing apparently making bombs, Pat Blundetto breaking Junior out of the state hospital,and Dr. Jennifer Melfi smiling alone in her office while reading about the recent gangland slayings and Anthony Sopranos apparent stepping down as boss. Finally we see Tony and his immediate family together at an ice cream parlor.Tony then tells his family that he is no longer depressed and that being with his family and them being safe was better than all the therapists and Prozac in the world. It just took all this *beep* to make him see it. AJ says he's happy just to be alive and that he has snapped out of it as well. Tony proposes a toast to his family mirroring the season one finale "I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano".

Re: made in america spoiler.

sgtfury wrote:mr. irishman, i dont see any reason to get so sarcastic and irate. please try to control the animalistic behaviors that your countrymen have been well known for over the years.

This thread is for i right? I am not here to debate or prove anything.

The killing of the entire soprano family was to be by NY hit men, not Tony. Following the killing and the discovery of the dead family, there was a scene with tony in the pool and the ducks return. This will never be proven to the general public because this scenario was not used for the final episiode.

I take great offence to your "animalistic" comment sgtfury, please quantify that statement further as an actual Irish born, Irish speaking, Irish passport holder I hope that we can resolve your ill informed belief.

I look forward to your response.

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