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kneelbeforegod wrote:maybe but what about the photo of phil being shot at a gas station (which I thought was not phil but yarnya's dad and was very wrong)
The information at about a white-haired man being shot by Benny at a gas station was not wrong. There are several photos of the gas station scene being filmed up at my site to show that it was in fact filmed. What I had wrong about the scene at first (because I didn't know which of the last 2 episodes it was filmed for) was that I thought that it happened in "The Blue Comet," but it actually was filmed for "Made in America."

I never said for certain that it was Yaryna's father that was shot at the gas station - I said that it could have been him, because I couldn't tell from a far-away photo (the only one I had at the time) who it was laying on the ground. That speculation was based on the fact that there was likely to be a case of mistaken identity involving Phil/Yaryna's father in "The Blue Comet" (due to a casting notice for Yaryna's father that said he resembled Phil) and I thought that the gas station scene could be it. Well, there was a case of mistaken identity involving Phil/Yaryna's father in "The Blue Comet," but it wasn't the gas station scene. If you interpreted my speculation as fact, then you didn't read what I wrote carefully enough.

A few days before "The Blue Comet" aired, I received information that the gas station scene happened in "Made in America," not in the previous episode, and that it was definitely Frank Vincent (Phil) in the scene who was shot by Benny. As I mentioned above, there are several photos (some posted just today) at my site that show the gas station scene being filmed, and show that Frank Vincent and Benny are in the scene. The person who sent these pictures to me said that what happened in the scene (which you can't actually see in the still photographs) is that Benny shoots Phil. There are a couple of photos that show this being acted out, but it's difficult to see exactly what is happening in those photos)

Had I known earlier which episode the gas station scene actually was filmed for, I wouldn't have speculated incorrectly that it was Yaryna's father being shot there, rather than Phil himself.

Anyways, that's how the confusion about the gas station scene came about, but eventually got resolved. Here is one of the new photos (which I didn't have back when I speculated that it was Yaryna's father being shot at the gas station) taken during the gas station filming, clearly showing Frank Vincent and Geraldine LiBrandi, who plays his wife: ... ifesf0.jpg

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From all of the spoilers and interviews that I have read this is what I believe will happen in the final episode:

Next episode starts with Tony waking up and grabbing his gun after hearing gunshots downstairs.

He runs down and kicks butt with his AR10, him and Paulie survive.

They call a big boss in New York and wait for him in their van. They meet with him and he says he will help them if they work for NY. Tony agrees and they find out where Phil is hiding.

They call Benny and he shoots Phil. Tony and his family get back together and they meet at the ice cream store, since it has been mentioned so much on other sites.

The rest is about domestic life, ending with Tony meeting with another female shrink and talking about his work making him depressed.

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shantyirishman wrote:Rhoswen, I think kneelbeforegod means that he or she was wrong in thinking that the man at the gas station was Yaryna's father. I don't think anyone questioned the validity of the gas station info.

BTW, thanks for all your hard work over the years. It's been a pleasure! :icon_mrgreen:
Yes, I (he) was admitting that I was incorrect. I initially did not believe that it was phil being shot at the gas staion but am admitting I was wrong and am in agreement that it is phil.

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Interesting. From this picture, you'd have to make some assumptions...

The war is over, or at least the threat of being killed must be over, as both Tony and Paulie are sitting outside of Satriales. If they were truly fearing for their lives, they wouldn't be just sitting around in public like that. This makes me assume that they have won, Phil is dead, and things are back to normal.

Also, with some of the other pictures, it's nice to see some closure with Uncle Jr.

This may be reading too much into it, but:
Where is Meadow in this picture? Why isn't she with the rest of the family?

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Where is Meadow in this picture? Why isn't she with the rest of the family?
I think that glass to Tony's right belongs to Meadow.
From the way it's positioned on the table, I don't think it's his.

I see:
one glass in front of Carmella that looks like it's filled with chocolate milk or something similar; one glass of soda in front of AJ; a glass of milk or water in front of Tony - and a glass of water to Tony's right, which is probably for someone sitting next to him out of frame.

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