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on the surface this spoiler spounds great, I have my suspicions that Bobby and sil will both die in this episode. But there are some holes in this, first what about corky, he has been reported to be in this episode, if that is true this spoiler does not explain his role. Second yarnya's dad has been cast to play the role of phils housekeepers dad who looks just like phil, it doesn't explain his role either. I personaly hope both bobby and sil die, I hope most of this spoiler is true because it sounds great. but there are some things missing and I find myself asking more questions than this spoiler answers.

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kneelbeforegod, straight from the spoiler's original poster (in response to someone asking similar questions to yours):


I am directly copy-and-pasting from an email I’ve just received from my editor friend. This is the portion of the message that pertains to your questions:
You are correct (and obviously reading spoilers all over the place, eh?); Corky did originally have a scene in this episode. The scene is still basically intact, but David decided that it played better at the beginning of Made in America. As I’ve said, The Blue Comet ends with the uncertainty of whether or not Tony will seek revenge against Phil or turn to the FBI for an out. The inclusion of Corky’s scene makes Tony’s choice immediately apparent, so David felt it better to keep the suspense amped up by having Tony call Corky in towards the front of the last episode.

Roberto is one of the men brought in by Phil to take out Silvio. I believe the character has supposedly operated with the New York crew for many years, but has never interacted with Jersey, and therefore hasn’t been seen by the audience. This was to add drama to Sil’s last scene, that he dies not recognizing his assailant as being from NY and assuming his boss Tony was behind it.

Yarna’s father makes a brief appearance in The Blue Comet, so brief that I initially didn’t even remember to report it to you! But as for the need for him to closely resemble Phil? You’ll just have to wait for Made in America, it’s an awesome twist!
The email goes on from there, but this is what he had to say about your queries. I asked him about the roles of the workers at the mental institution that you mentioned too, but he made no mention of them in the message at all. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, and I hope this helps a little!


As of right now, I don't really have much of an opinion on this guy. I'm just going to wait and see ...

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From the pictures I have looked at and the Deadwood information it seems that the FBI plays a role in the next episode. It sure seems like they finally have enough to indict Tony.

From the Patsy picture he is talking to someone from the gang, since he is using his cell phone, but who knows? The paper is intentionally blurred, maybe it contains a headline about the FBI indicting Tony? Again, who knows?

Bobby sure looks angry in the picture, when he is holding the train. Janis is turning around to look at something, but she does not look afraid. I wonder what the party is for at Syl's house?

If Corky is at the Bing, he must have something to do in either the Blue Comet or the finale. I hope he gets killed instead of Syl in front of Bing's to explain the many spoilers about a hit.

I hope that this next episode sets up a series of scenes with Tony and his family for the last episode.

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I've been over at TWoP and have seen all of the pictures that Rhoswen found. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that Tony is in a sport coat in the first shot at Satriale's (standing by a doorway) and in an overcoat while sitting down with Agent Harris. Are these two different scenes?

From the pictures provided, it looks like Butchie is being chased through the woods, and that all speculation regarding Bobby is correct.

Looking at the Patsy picture in PhotoSuite, it seems to me that FBI is the first word in the blurred headline , followed by "xxxxxx for terrorist xxxxx". That's all I can make out. Anybody get a closer look?

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