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chrisishot1 wrote:I've been over at TWoP and have seen all of the pictures that Rhoswen found. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that Tony is in a sport coat in the first shot at Satriale's (standing by a doorway) and in an overcoat while sitting down with Agent Harris. Are these two different scenes?

From the pictures provided, it looks like Butchie is being chased through the woods, and that all speculation regarding Bobby is correct.

Looking at the Patsy picture in PhotoSuite, it seems to me that FBI is the first word in the blurred headline , followed by "xxxxxx for terrorist xxxxx". That's all I can make out. Anybody get a closer look?

" ... p85_13.jpg
I think that it says "Fbi prepares for terrorist sweep"

Re: Blue Comet Spoiler

While no single spoiler post may have been 100% accurate, the main events for this season have pretty much been spoiled for me. Most all of the major characters fates have been forecast correctly in spoilers, only the circumstances surrounding their deaths has been off. For example.

- Internet rumors were rampant about Tony smothering Chris after a car accident. While there was some confusion about when this happened and under what circumstances, when I saw them in the car, I knew Chris was dead.

- Sylvio shot at the Bing. Circumstances surrounding this shooting were off in many spoiler posts, but when I saw him and Patsy in the Bing, I knew he was about to bite it.

- AJ's suicide attempt. Definitely spoiled, You could easily sense this spoiler was going to happen with AJ's spiraling depression since the first few episodes.

- Bobby's death in Blue Comet. Some rumors said he was with his son, etc etc, but when I saw him going into the store, scene spoiled. Still powerful scene though

- Wrong guy hit when 'Tony goes after Phil. There were numerous spoilers I read on the net about them hitting this guy because of his resemblance to Phil. Once I heard Toney say, "We gotta hit first". I knew he was going after Phil and knew they would end up hitting the wrong guy.

- The conflict over the asbestos dumping was foretold in spoilers, this plot point was spoiled for me. Obviously this was key as it has blown up into a war with NY that at this point looks like Tony can't win.

So while individual spoiler posts were off about timing and general story conditions, there was much about this season that was spoiled in the end.

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