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(It does make sense though)

In “Blue Comet”, written by Matthew Weiner and David Chase and directed by Alan Taylor, will play out like this:

Silvio finds out from a cop-contact of his that Paulie has flipped, and that it happened off-screen, shortly before season 6b started. He tells Tony about it at the Bing, followed by a long conversation about how they are going to handle the situation. This is what is meant by “He’s playing both sides of the fence” from the previews. Tony reveals to Silvio that he was considering killing Paulie on the boat in “Remember When”, and regrets not doing it when he had the chance. Silvio gives Tony a weird look because he’s not sure why Tony would have wanted to kill Paulie, since he hadn’t known he flipped, he wouldn’t have had any other good reason. This leads to an argument, in which Silvio begins questioning Tony’s leadership and the amount that he cares about looking out for his crew. Tony explodes, and ends up hitting Silvio. Silvio turns back around and hits Tony, and as Tony falls backwards, Silvio realizes what he’s done and runs out of the Bing.

Phil decides to retaliate for the fight Tony had with Coco. He says that his decision is to take out Tony’s crew one by one.

Bobby does in fact get killed in front of the model train store just as many other spoilers have reported. This is where the episode title comes from. However, his son is not with him.

AJ escapes from the mental facility by jumping out of a window into a dumpster. However, he lands awkwardly and sprains his ankle. He starts calling for help, and nurses from the facility come out and have to help him back in to the building.

There’s a scene with the Feds in which they are talking about LCN and one is talking about Paulie Walnuts coming in handy in their case against Tony. The other agent corrects him, say that it is actually Carlo that they flipped recently. The other cop is stunned, but he never gets a chance to get back to Silvio with the truth ….

Tony gets a call from Silvio on his cell, who is calling to ask for forgiveness. Tony had a Melfi scene in which he realized Silvio might have been right in his opinion of Tony, and is no longer really mad at Sil. Tony tells him to meet him at the Bing to talk, and that they can’t let their feud distract them from taking care of Paulie, who will be a big problem. Tony is late getting to the Bing because Carmella calls him to say that there’s something wrong with AJ, and so Tony has to meet her at the hospital first.

Silvio gets to the Bing and is confronted by two hit-men that were hired by Phil. Having never seen the killers before, he is shot dead believing that he was actually set up by Tony. Patsy comes out as the murder takes place, and is caught off guard. The hit-men think they must now kill Patsy too, but he manages to narrowly escape on foot.

I’m told the scene at the hospital is very emotional, as AJ begs to come home and Carmella tells him that she can’t take all his nonsense anymore, and that she can’t emotionally handle it.

Tony stops by the Bing and when he learns what happened he quickly leaves, afraid he will be in danger too. At home, he gets a call from Janice that Bobby was shot dead. He tells Carm, who breaks down and cries again – Between AJ and Bobby, we see her really begin to lose it in this episode.

The episode closes at Silvio’s wake. Patsy is there and has told Tony what happened. They are also talking about Bobby. The rest of his crew is there at the service to, trying to get Tony to start a war with Phil and retaliate. Tony just stands there in silence. At the end of the episode, he sees some flowers that were sent with a card on it from the FBI. Tony looks thoughtfully at the card as the scene fades out, and we’re left to wonder if that’s the only place left for Tony to turn.

That's what I do know. I meant to ask him about the supposed scene with Phil's housekeeper's father, but I didn't get around to it. He didn't mention it, so I'm assuming it was minor, and that the "mistaken identity" line in the episode description has to do with the Paulie/Carlo rat situation, and that the serious ramifications are to come in "Made in America". I also know that based on photos I've seen, Paulie seems to make it to the last episode, so we shall see.

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I have some doubts about this thread, mainly as Paulie being a rat. It is well established that the actor who plays Paulie made it clear in his contract that he wouldn't protray a mob rat. Of course, things and with enough money can change, but it doesn't sound right. It could be an intentional false lead to throw people off.

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I read that too about Tony Sirico, but this actually reads that Paulie is mistaken for a rat. I don't want to see Silvio dead either. Then again, I would rather see the characters I love get blown away, then live hapily ever after (with the exception of Tony's family) I was glad that they just didn't let Johnny Sack rot in jail. They gave us some sort of closure. The more I read this, though, the more I hope it's not true. I shouldn't be reading spoiler boards with 2 episodes left. : (

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False information by Agent Harris? That would be cool. This shit with him as to play into this somehow. Maybe in the last episode, after everybody he cares about in "the family" is dead, he will talk to him make a deal, rat everybody in NY out, and move to the Omni Hotel in the mid west as Kevin Finnerty. hah

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