Re: Who is playing both sides?

I have a few questions. Who is fighting at :12 seconds? Who is Tony grabbing by the shoulders and/or fighting at :16 seconds?

As for why Patsy appears to be crying...if teh whole Meadow getting killed by Phil plotline is true, maybe Patsy's son Patrick was with Meadow at the time of her murder and he got killed or wounded...

Re: Who is playing both sides?

Recently, Jaimie Lynn Sigler was on Jimmy Kimmel and stated that she makes it to the last episode and indicated she makes it out of the series alive. She seemed rather shocked when Jimmy says that his cameraman (or someone) bet him that Meadow died. She basically said, "I never thought there was any doubt about Meadow surviving" (I'm paraphrasing). So, I don't buy any of this Meadow gets killed stuff. Now, Jamie could be lying, but, she seemed pretty sincere.

Further, killing Meadow would not, in my opinion, fit in with the direction this series has taken since its first episode. I'm sure whoever started this rumor heard something about Coco threatening her and Meadow getting in some sort of mishap in a car.

Re: Who is playing both sides?

blenni wrote:I think Tony is playing both sides with the the mafia and the Feds as far as cooperating with the Feds on th Paki's for an insurance policy if the Fed's get compelling evidence of some of Tony's illegal activity using Rico. I believe there will be one more violent incident. At that time Tony for the betterment of his family (Medow's encounter with Coco and AJ's suicide attempt) will "flip" for the Feds.
Yes if you actually watch the Trailer on YouTube for this episode The first clip is of Sil talking to Tony alone in the Office at the Bing.. If you listen to it I beleive Sil state "you've been playing both sides of the fence" is cut so you can really on here the line form been playing both sides....but if you lilsten it say you've been playing....also Tony did give that info to the Feds a definite no no and then they cut to Tony saying "Talk" like as if people have been talking about what do now that Tony did a little Baby Flip......

In order to avert a war the DiMeo Crime Family may want to replace Tony as Boss, and not whack him, but demote him so he can spend some more time with his family etc and not get them all into hot shit with NY.

I wonder if that could ever happen in the Mafia- a boss getting a demotion-- more importantly, would T ever submit to something like that?

Just hazarding a guess./
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Re: Who is playing both sides?

With regards to the trailer for "Blue Comet":
Lawdog wrote:Who is that leveling the gun at 13 secs?
That is a fine question. He looks familiar... anyone know? Is he from New York?

Is that the entrance to Sil's house where he's pointing the gun?

Ramblings of a first-time poster:

Might the gunman from the trailer (:13) also be the hooded figure who shot Gerry Turciano (in Sil's presence)? No way of knowing.

Who the hell is running through the creek around 15 seconds in? Again, what a tease. (All I can tell is he's not fat enough be Bobby.)

Didn't the order to pull the no-show jobs for Butchie and Coco come from Sil?

Are Meadow, Carm and Janice dressed in mourning in the trailer?

I too am reminded of Van Zandt's "would need to be a prequel" comment. This may sound obvious, but my guesstimate for the moment: of Tony, Bobby and Sil, at least two out of three will be dead for the start of the final episode. Two episodes left and no more time for build-up. Dark times on the horizon... between Phil and the Feds, a shitstorm's a brewin'!

Re: Who is playing both sides?

Ultimately, I think this will be Carlo.
His character has been developed enough to have him be well involved with the family, but not enough to the point where its one of Tony's 'life-long friends' that will turn him in.

When he was late getting to Tony's house after Christopher died, I started to think right there. And who was the guy that kept making mention of the fact that Carlo was on his way to Tony's house?

Re: Who is playing both sides?

Why Carlo?
If we take Paulie's example, with all his bitXXin in S4, then I would kind of expect him to feel neglected, but for what? He got the whole of Vito's crew which made him so "stand-up" that he even killed that Fat guy from the NY crew at the end of S6. Plus to streghten my idea further, Bobby is the only one, who has Janice who is nagging him for more money, etc. Carlo is old, why would he want this stuff?

As this show used to be / still is about how much are people are hiding from each other or lying than I would say that we would have seen something that leads to that. Sure in case of Eugene it fell down like a bomb, that he was a rat as well, but then in Bobby's case it could be because of a revenge for the fight with Tony and him being forced to whack the canadian douchebag.

We shall see, I don't dare to bet...:)
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Now that is just a great idea...

In both way: based on the classic Chase drama, he was the one who started to push things.(Remember the other leather coat from Jackie?He was a big pusher) Hearing wedding bells and all, It is very possible that he gets a shove from Tony...
The other reason: if we think back just how furiously protective Tony became over Meadow, when he fugures out what Patsy's kid did and how they tried to drag AJ in he will hit the roof. And there are a huge chances for that, having all the pep talk with AJ now.... I certainly like it.
You can't have everything- Where would you put it? -Steven Wright

Re: Who is playing both sides?

wizdog wrote:What if it's Bobby? First about the NY closeness- why did he even sit right NEXT to Phil, half hidden in the classic Sopranos chiaroscuro meaningful shadow.

Perhaps some people came from NY to Johnny Sack's house. Even if it's in Jersey, there might be some who could have a righteous claim on that.

Or maybe it's the FBI. We never saw Puss arrested, it was only told later that he had been a rat because of a previous arrest. What if Bobby got soon pinched after his french killing in the first episode?

And instead of Chris, he is the family member to T so he could be the next subject of attention...
New to the site, so I am not sure if my opinion means much, but I do not think that Bobby flipping or turning to NY would really be consistent with the show. Bobby has been quickly rising, why make him turn? But, he would do anything to protect his kids, so who knows.

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