Re: Who is playing both sides?

wizdog wrote:Why Carlo?
If we take Paulie's example, with all his bitXXin in S4, then I would kind of expect him to feel neglected, but for what? He got the whole of Vito's crew which made him so "stand-up" that he even killed that Fat guy from the NY crew at the end of S6. Plus to streghten my idea further, Bobby is the only one, who has Janice who is nagging him for more money, etc. Carlo is old, why would he want this stuff?

As this show used to be / still is about how much are people are hiding from each other or lying than I would say that we would have seen something that leads to that. Sure in case of Eugene it fell down like a bomb, that he was a rat as well, but then in Bobby's case it could be because of a revenge for the fight with Tony and him being forced to whack the canadian douchebag.

We shall see, I don't dare to bet...:)
My only issue with Carlo being the one that "brings it all down" is this--he is new. He really has not been around that long. Has he really seen enough to bring down the big guy?

Re: Who is playing both sides?

aprilemoney wrote:Carlo has been running the NJ ports since season 3 (I believe)...latest season 4 (remember the Vespas). Not to this point...he's a captain. Thats def. a big enough player to bring down the boss.
True, I just would hate to see such a minor character play such a major role in the final conclusion of the show. We dont really know Carlo that well. Just one man's opinion.

Re: Who is playing both sides?

I have heard several possibilities for the mistaken identity:

-Meadow shot in Tony's car (her car had a fender bender last episode)
-Phil's goomar's father, who resembles Phil (casting notice) is shot by mistake - maybe by the Italian hitman
- Bobby is shot instead of Tony - 2 big guys
- Carlo is the real rat, but a Fed mistakenly reveals it to be Paulie, and Paulie is whacked before the mistake is discovered

Could there be 2 cases of mistaken identity in Blue Comet/ Which one is the most likely of the above?

the advance of a hir res tralier...

...have not sold anything yet, still, I believe taht Tony grabs Patsy Parisy Jr.
and it is Patsy who is running in the water with the brown leather jacket.
He looks not as fat as Bobby is, and as I had seen Bobby wore a brown sweater. He is also visible from the back, since he is the one Paulie jumps at ain the Bing.

We shall see,we shall see...
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