Who is playing both sides?

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to do a speculation thread but this is all I can think about! Sil said in the “next time piece” that someone has been playing both sides. I can’t decide if Little Carmine would classify as playing both sides. Since it should be inferred that at the end of the day he has almost got to still be on Phil’s side. Please share your thoughts.

Re: Who is playing both sides?

There is a rat in the higher levels of New York. Who else would have gotten word to Harris that Tony or somebody near him was in danger. I am betting its the fat consigliari who never says anything. Butchie just whacked somebody and the feds would never allow that. Phil isn't a rat. It could be one of the other cronies, but no one else seems to have enough access to Phil.

or is Paulie playing both sides?

Re: Who is playing both sides?

First, we have no idea that "playing both sides" is even reffering to someone being a rat.

I think it could also be that someone from Tony's crew is trying to gain favor with New York by giving them information, etc. Paulie was doing exactly this in season 4, when he was talking to John so frequently. Paulie figured that New York would put him in place as boss with Tony out of the picture.

Re: Who is playing both sides?

my first thought was Sil was saying that to Tony about giving the FBI information on the Arabs, but I wonder if the comment could be directed at Carmine. I think he was setting Tony up to be hit and Phil decided against it with his "cooler heads prevailed" comment to Carmine about the meeting.

Re: Who is playing both sides?

What if it's Bobby? First about the NY closeness- why did he even sit right NEXT to Phil, half hidden in the classic Sopranos chiaroscuro meaningful shadow.

Perhaps some people came from NY to Johnny Sack's house. Even if it's in Jersey, there might be some who could have a righteous claim on that.

Or maybe it's the FBI. We never saw Puss arrested, it was only told later that he had been a rat because of a previous arrest. What if Bobby got soon pinched after his french killing in the first episode?

And instead of Chris, he is the family member to T so he could be the next subject of attention...
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