Kennedy and Heidi

The HBO schedule identifies the episode as follows: An asbestos-disposal impasse raises tensions between Jersey and New York; Tony has a revelation; Paulie gets upstaged.

I'm just curious to what the title may be referring too. Any of you care to take a guess? Thoughts...? Comments...?

Heidi always reminds me of the "Heidi Game" between the Jets and the Raiders in November 1968.

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Take this for what it's worth, it comes from the board at IMDb
A close friend of Terence Winter blogged about the upcoming episode he saw at a weekly viewing Terence holds for close friends and family.

The beef between NY and NJ over the abestos-disposal stems from Paulie running removal with non professionals and not having the proper permits and certifications to save money. When they are called on it after a few people get exposed and report it, heat get's put on the project and this pisses Phil who calls a meeting with Tony. Tony feeling bad about the situation with Chris tries to reconcile by having him accompany him to the meeting. Chris is definitly not sober.

The title stems from two teenagers killed in an car accident caused by a drunken Christopher on a 3 day bender after the JT Dolan killing. Chris is not seriously injured. At the scene the police find smack and the gun Chris uses to kill JT Dolan in his car which he forgot to dispose of and in a moment of clarity was on the way to dump the gun when he got in the crash. Initially he's arrested for reckless driving, DUI and attempting to leave the scene of an accident but is later connected to the Dolan murder.

Meanwhile AJ is starting to enjoy his new found hobby of loansharking and intimidating college students b/c he thinks it's what Tony wants. After what would appear to be a brief scuffle/intimidation of a college students turns into a mini freefall AJ has a panic attack.

Meanwhile Tony, Family and crew are dealing with the ramifications of the Chrissy accident and charges. There is a huge uprising b/c of the death of the teenagers and the public is putting heat on the authorities to put the hammer down on Chrissy. The FBI is putting heat on Chrissy to flip and he's not having it. Meanwhile Phil is planning something big for someone close to Tony but that person is not revealed. The blogger didn't go into detail about the remaining 3rd of the episode because he said it was mind blowing and he really didn't wanna leak too much.

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Oh I was also going to add, I'm very glad if they have decided to attach a pair to Iler's character AJ. If they decide to go with the notion "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" it would definitely improve AJ's whiney nature and could also provide a future for the "The Sopranos" franchise.

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Yeah, this one's over at TelevisionWithoutPity, too. I agree, this sounds much more plausible than most spoilers I've read lately.

Still though, there are just a few things bugging me a lot:

- Terrence Winter didn't write or direct this one, and it's really doubtful that he'd advance screenings for his friends every week, especially for episodes he had no significant connection with.

And in the words of a different IMDb poster:
It's too implausible that Christopher would forget to ditch the gun (he remembered to cover his sleeve, didn't he?), and it would be too contrived for him to get in an accident "while going to hide it." And not a single episode this season has strongly picked up a story thread from the previous episode.

Also, there's a stripper named Sonia who has six scenes (her name is Sonia, according to casting notices). She looks like Blanca and is seen for a second in the preview in bed with Tony. According to Deadwood stage, the original name of the episode was SONIA. Considering the accuracy of the casting notices proven in previous episodes, it is highly unlikely that any legitimate spoiler would have failed to mention Sonia.

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Perhaps Sonia will be a last sexual fling for Tony, but one that may lead to the Feds going after Tony or pissing off Carm. Either way, he is going to be sorry he did screw around again.
Some of what Sopranology posted seems to be plausable. But let us not forget that there may be intentionally false plotlines in it to distract fans, other cast members.

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I think the storyline with Chrissy getting in trouble due to his involvement with the terrorists is more plausible. It just seems too convoluted a story to be realistic. And my thoughts are that Chrissy's story arc will come to an end in the penultimate episode. If he's in this much trouble with the Feds, he will be in prison for the rest of the season.

That said, the storyline with Paulie has a ring of truth in it.

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