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This one's from the AOL site. Another wild one:

If what Ive read is true I dont see anyone being disappointed at the conclusion of The Sopranos. There have been rumors of multiple endings that have been shot. One of which includes Tony choking to death on a shrimp while overeating at Vesuvios. But this one is actually a pretty believable rendition. I google searched Soprano Spoilers and visited many different sites which had a lot of reliable spoilers which weve already seen. This one was interesting because it was removed shortly after I originally viewed it Ive since checked and (Which is great) and several others but to no avail. WARNING: The following is a Sopranos spoiler regarding the episodes final moments of the series finale and may or may not be true. The spoiler read:

In the final 10 minutes or so of the series finale after a typical dinner at Vesuvios with Christopher and some guys from NYC, Tony accompanies Christopher on some pick ups through the neighborhood. Their dinner discussion was concerning Christopher temporarily relocating to the LA area to produce more films and Tony is hanging around to discourage this. Apparently Christopher is terribly sick from food poisoning at Arties and tonys breaking his balls about it because they need to go somewhere for Christopher to be sick. Tony and Christopher stumble into an old ice cream shop where Tony used to play and hang out. Christopher runs into the bathroom and Tony orders ice cream (of course he does0).

Tony sits in one of the booths and seems excited about tasting a scoop of nostalgic ice cream. He calls Carm and tells her hell be on time for the party. (Someones birthday I have no idea). They have a pleasant but short conversation and right when Tonys about to say his goodbyes everything goes silent for a few moments. Butchy from NYC was also at the dinner at Vesuvios with others from NYC walks in the door of the ice cream parlor while Tonys on the phone with Carm and they exchange nasty glances. The silence is broken by Tonys shaking voice to Carm telling her that he wont be able to make the party because he has to work. He then tells her that he loves her and Carm asks if everythings okay. He reassures her and Carm says she loves him too. Christopher rejoins Tony but is sweating and sick and runs back into the bathroom. Tonys tells him hell wait outside. He passes Butchy and they briefly speak. Tony walks out and its awkward between them.

The Spoiler was unclear about what song Chase has decided on officially for the scene but believes it to be Frankie Valis The sun Aint gonna shine Anymore. Tony walks outside to get into the passenger side of the vehicle. As It begins to play in the background we hear but dont see loud ringing gun shots. We dont see anything apparently but Tonys face but his eyes and expression tell the story. The camera pans back and down from his face. He is shot in the gut just like before and near his throat. Its a very gritty, quick and dirty scene theres a lot of screaming. When Christopher comes out of the bathroom he apparently shoots butchy dead in the street, the two other shooters Butchys cronies speed off and immediately flee the scene.

Christophers eyes are filled with tears but he reassures Tony who is completely talking gibberish that everythings going to be all right. Tony keeps repeating, call Carm to Chris. Christopher slams Tonys door and drives off like a lunatic. Hes laying halfway on the seat halfway with his head in Chriss lap. Call Carm Tony says. Christopher is apparently puking out the window from being sick or high or whatever it is thats wrong with him. Christopher has a brief but emotional call with Carm. He tells her what happened and where to go and she insists on talking to him. They begin to argue and the phone loses signal or dies. As Christopher is driving us along with a dying Tony Soprano we see the same kind of edits from the opening credits. I guess not the exact same but similar and like that and shot that kind of way. Carmella is hysterical and is driving to the hospital to meet the two of them.

Christopher and Tony exchange dialogue but its hard for Tony to talk. Then surprisingly, Tony asks Christopher to let him go to sleep. He asks Chris to shoot him. Christopher refuses and tony begs him. This whole scene apparently is shot predominantly in one shot and very grainy. There was no mistaking that Tony is killed but if he dies at the hospital or killed by Christopher or if he gets to see carm before hand is unclear unfortunately. Theres also a sad scene where Carm goes out by the pool with the duck seed and they dont come back and she breaks down. This version ends with Christopher talking in Melfis office about Tony. One of the last lines is Christopher asking her if she knew Tony well and how long he was a patient. Melfi responds something like, I knew Anthony very well he was my friend.

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Universal Polymath wrote:This one's from the AOL site. Another wild one:
A wild one indeed. Methinks it's a bit inconsistent with Tony's dedication to his own biological family to just give up like that. As for his bee-zee-ness family, he would if he could.

Obviously, there's no possible Sopranos feature film deal without a Tony Soprano character, so perhaps everything won't be neatly wrapped up at season's end.

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One of the last lines is Christopher asking her if she knew Tony well and how long he was a patient. Melfi responds something like, I knew Anthony very well he was my friend.
That's my favorite part. It seems so beyond ridiculous to me.

Is that guys name actually Butchy?
According to the credits, the character's full name is Butch DeConcini.

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This one I DON'T believe. I don't foresee Tony "taking a shot like a man". If anything, I picture him guns up shoot'em up mentality, going down in a blaze of glory. Remember, wackings are usually behind the head, don't know what hit him, or don't have time to react type of murders. With the exception of Big Pus. I call BS. I've never seen or recall a scene where they were like, "OK, we're here to kill you bud, take some time to say goodbye to your wife, we're going to wack you outside the store"


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