Re: Major Spoilers (Read With Caution!!!)

I really don't think that there is anyway that Chris flipped. He was far too loyal to Tony and the life to have gone to the feds. Also I do not think that there is enough time left in the series to develop this storyline properly. Also with his death doesn't that make anything that he would have told the government hearsay and inadmisable in court?

Re: Major Spoilers (Read With Caution!!!)


I read on the Deadwood site that the final episode includes Tony meeting Agent Harris at the airport. I wonder if Tony is saying goodbye to the agent or seeing his family leave for a safe haven? (Or it could be a scene that is not used in the final edit.)

I wonder if the ending will be Tony indicted by the Feds and Tony not turning over anyone else, but losing his family to protect their safety? In the episode with Paulie his lawyer told him the FBI had a strong RICO case and was going to roll the gun charge into the case.

From the pictures of the next episode it looks like Patsy is reading a newspaper that may have an FBI article with the top of a head that looks like Tony. (Or I could be losing my mind and imagining it.)

Maybe all of the counseling has enable him to deal with not being with his family and taking his punishment from his past.

I think it would be ironic if the ending has him leaving the airport and driving back to his house with the original scenes and soundtrack, but entering his empty house.

I think David Chase is a genius, I hope he gets to write and direct a movie that becomes a great hit.

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