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I re-read the original thread. I think its a mishmash of things that may come true in no particular order. It was pretty much dead on *no pun intended* about Chrissys car crash and about AJ in the pool. Some stuff already we know could not come true like the stuff about Paulies mom getting hit since we know she is dead.

Personally I think Lil Carmine is playing both sides and will set Tony up.

Re: Major Spoilers (Read With Caution!!!)

Based on some of the posted spoilers here, may I suggest that the end of the Sopranos may be like the end of the movie "The Road To Predition". While the movie is more complicated in it's plot line that I describe here, I am noting those points that could apply as to the Sopranos end.
Tom Hanks' character is a hit man for one of the Chicago mob families in the early 1930's and the movie is set during the cold winter. After one brutal hit by him, and observed by his 11-12 year old son, he becomes a target of that mob family and a problem for the mob family he is part of. (The Sopranos time line shoud be in the Fall or early Winter of the year) The mob he hits retaliates by killing his wife and daughter at their home - the son is not home when the hit occurs. (think Carm and Meadow getting hit, AJ is still at the hospital or at therapy and not home) The father comes home to find them dead, gets the son and quickly goes on the lam out of town. (Tony finds or picks up AJ and take off). Along the way, the son gets a taste of the mob life, as they rob banks with the son driving the cars in Hanks' escape from his doom. (AJ has had a taste of the mob life and has problems with it). Along the way, the car breaks down and they get help from a nice older couple on a farm. The couple helps them get their car running again, feeds them and shows kindness to them, especially the son. Eventually they end up at a lake house owned or used by a relative in the past, someplace the son had also visited, hopefully to escape being hit (the reference to the shore house in one of the spoilers). A hit man from the other mob eventually locates the summer house and nails Hanks, but the kid escapes. (Tony is killed and AJ escapes). In the movie, the son returns to the farm of the couple that showed him kindness. Of course, one has to wonder where AJ would end up in this sceniero, but certainly not in the mob and problaby a low lying position where he felt more confortable.

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Anyone think that second 16 of the preview ( ... =1&p=17179 ) is the final scene of the show? After Tony's funeral, Carm and Meadow see the ducks fly into the pool, which are the unexpected guests that return, as the episode synopsis states. Both look very somber, Carm's been crying and dressed in black. That definitely looks like their kitchen and they are facing the pool.

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Well, as Ronald Reagan said, "there you go again." (I can't believe I just quoted Reagan - shows you how upset I am)Wissy, as I pointed out, upthread (to another person), this spoiler was not pretty much "dead on" about Chris's death. If the spoiler read, "after a meeting with Phil, Chris and Tony are involved in a car accident, leaving Chris seriously injured. Rather than call 911, Tony suffocates Chris by pinching his nostrils," then the post would be pretty much "dead on."

To the person, upthread, who called me OCD, I was going to reply earlier, but Universal took the words right out of my mouth. Spoilers, to qualify as spoilers, must be perfect, not half right.

Go to the unconfirmed spoilers on LBracco and you will see that this guy lifted half of his spoilers, verbatim, from that page. Also, as I have said, the rest are from Rhoswen or TV Guide blurbs.

I've read all the recent rumors involving Bobby and Sil's deaths in Blue Comet. I hope they are not true. Supoosedly, Bobby gets it in front of a train store and Sil at the Bing. Also, Phil gets shot at a gas station (or his girlfriend's
father). Now, if anything remotely close to these 3 thrings happen (i.e. Phil is killed (at his home) but Bobby and Sil survive, do I get credit for being "pretty much dead on."

I know that I sound a bit crazy, but this guy's mish mash of spoilers doesn't deserve any credit.

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mrbluesman wrote:As I noted in the TWOP forum and in another section of this forum, I think suspicion is warranted.
Some of it sounded right, some of it didn't really have a ring of truth to it for me. I'm not sure I buy the whole cop-mistakes-Paulie-for-a-rat thing. I have to say, the rest would really have me going, but that particular nugget has me wondering ...

As far as this fellow revealing his contact's name - Well, either it's because he was incredibly careless and wasn't thinking straight (and it looks like it has been edited out since then), or this could be a sign that this spoiler is a total fake, and the name-drop was initially inserted merely to give the post an edge of credibility. You know, it's in the same vein, though just a little more specific, than all the "My cousin/best friend works for HBO ..." junk that every spoiler starts with.

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