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#78 SOPRANO HOME MOVIES - April 8, 2007
#79 STAGE 5 - April 15, 2007
#80 REMEMBER WHEN - April 22, 2007
#81 CHASING IT - April 29, 2007
#82 WALK LIKE A MAN - May 6, 2007
#83 KENNEDY AND HEIDI - May 13, 2007
#84 THE SECOND COMING - May 20, 2007
#85 THE BLUE COMET - June 3, 2007
#86 GOING HOME - June 10, 2007

Tension will mount between the New York and New Jersey families. Tony and the boys will get away for a while by heading to Atlantic City. However, Tony has a streak of bad luck and ends up having to borrow $200,000 from Hesh. In order to pay Hesh back, Tony sells Carmela's spec-house, which causes a big fight between the two. AJ gets dumped by Blanca during the Puerto Rican Day pride parade, afterwards going into a deep depression. Vito's widow approaches Tony about helping her troublemaking son. Kelli's dad is the catalyst that starts a new feud between Chris and Paulie. Bobby and Janice are living in Johnny Sack's old house and Tony gets mad when they don't keep it clean. AJ attempts suicide by drowning himself with weights in the family's pool, but Tony saves him in time. Uncle Junior, however, will also attempt suicide and will be successful. Meadow is arrested at a rally for illegal aliens and has to be bailed out of jail by Carmela. Paulie's brother makes an appearance. Phil finds out that Paulie has been skimming money on an asbestos-disposal job jointly run by the Soprano and Lupertazzi families. Already angry over the death of his brother, as well as one of his captains, Phil looks for someone to hit in New Jersey. He decides on Paulie's nephew, Little Paulie. However, the hit occurs after Little Paulie has picked up Paulie's mother/aunt and both are killed. This naturally sends Paulie into a rage and the New Jersey guys want revenge. Silvio demands answers but nobody in New York is in the mood for apologizing. After Phil turns down Tony's offer of compromise, Paulie is killed. New York also attemps to hit Tony, he survives, but his driver Perry is killed. Afterwards, Tony is picked up by the FBI, who play him a tape of Little Carmine being involved in the plan to hit him. They try to flip Tony but he refuses. As a result, Agent Harris has to go to "plan B." In one of his sessions with Dr. Melfi, Tony will have a major breakthrough. The second to the last episode, entitled "The Blue Comet," will run 80-90 minutes and be mostly in black and white. It will chronicle many of the main character's entrance into the mob. Tony contemplates a difficult choice given him by Carmela. Meadow is in a serious car accident. AJ inquires about going back to school. Both Chris and Meadow get offers from the west coast. Bobby is killed by New York while coming out of a hobby train store with his son. Silvio and Patsy are killed by New York outside the Bada Bing. The final episode, entitled "Going Home," will run 90-120 minutes and be directed by David Chase himself. The former beachhouse will act as a refuge for Tony and his family. Artie ponders a problem from his past. Benny shoots and kills Phil outside a gas station. While driving Tony in his Cadilac Escalade when he is high, Chris loses control of the car and they crash. Chris is severely hurt, gurgling blood, and Tony is forced to put him out of his misery by choking him to death. Afterwards, Tony breaks down and cries uncontrollably. There is a final scene between Tony and Dr. Melfi, having been added at the last minute during filming. The series comes full circle when some unexpected visitors show up at the Soprano household. The final scene takes place in an old fashioned icre cream soda shop.

* Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Kevin Federline, Nancy Sinatra, and adult film star Gina Lynn will all make appearances in upcoming episodes. Drea De Matteo will appear again as Adriana in a dream Christopher has.

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I've heard some of this before in other places, some of it is new. I will say, though, it appears as though there's not enough time left in the series to allow all of this to happen. Also, I didn't expect everyone in Tony's immediate circle to end up dead - But if it happens like this, we'll lose Junior, Bobby, Silvio, Paulie, Patsy, Chris, Perry; it would be an absolute bloodbath. I guess this type of ending just seemed a really unlikely to me, and it still really does. I can see several characters getting killed as the tension increases between New York and New Jersey, but Chris dying at Tony's hand after a car crash? As powerful as that scene sounds, it just doesn't seem right to me. It's odd that both AJ and Junior would attempt suicide at times so close to each other, and Meadow and Chris would both be involved in a serious car accident so near to each other as well.

"'The Blue Comet' will mostly in black and white." Even considering this is a flashback episode, it seems like an odd choice. For all the flashbacks this show has done, it's never used black and white - why would they now, in just one episode?

I have learned many times in the past not to trust everything marked "Spoiler" that I hear, and I shall take this one as well with a grain of salt.

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Hmm, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that Bobby is killed in the episode "Blue Comet", after all, that is the name of a train.

Some of these spoilers seem on target. The photograph that was posted in this section with Tony, Carm, and Meadow hugging at the hospital pertains to AJ's attempted suicide.

I am having a hard time believing the majority of the NJ family will be killed.

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Mr. Man wrote:I don't believe this is true. It seems someone just cobbled together every last rumor and episode description that has been floating around since February, mixed in some of their own speculation, and posted it as truth.
That's the thing with these kinds of spoilers - The fact that it's a conglomeration of a bunch of old rumors repeated over and over is exactly what gives it a slight air of believability. The presupposition here is that if one reads the same rumor or apparent spoiler over and over on several different websites, they begin to think Well, everyone's saying it ...It must have some truth to it ... At the same time, though, you can almost detect the author's weighing of this logic while they were typing this, and official episode descriptions and past rumors are just randomly copy-and-pasted throughout. Thus, it's reduced to exactly what you said it was: "A cobbling together of every last rumor and episode description that has been floating around since February, mixed in some of their own speculation".

So some of this may be true, but most of it probably isn't. Blatant lies aren't as obvious when they are thrown in among truths and half-truths. I'm not sure if all this originated with the original poster of this thread (who has never posted anything before or sense, and didn't even provide us with a source), or if that person is just sharing all these "spoilers" that they got from somewhere else, but one way or another, there's very little worth buying into here.

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I'd be surprised if Chase went all "mainstream," on us. No source, or retort from the topic creator kills credibility. The things I think that are right on are....

Benny killing Phil

Phil Killing Paulie's mom, and Little Paulie.

Paulie Getting Killed.

Perry Getting Killed.

Everything else seems a little too much like overkill. If Chris goes out like that then this show is a disappointment.

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Pure speculation, but it fits with what we do know:

- Hesh is the next one to go due to the size of Tony's $200K+
- Before Paulie is whacked Chrissy double crosses him using his father-in-law's business as a front to unload hardware
- Vito Jr is bullied due to his weight, his gay father, etc and his mom seeks help from Tony
- Julianna Skiff may be the new realtor Carmella enlists for the spec house

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