Re: What Happens to AJ?

Wow, Vinny Vincenzo, so many questions and so few answers ...

Everything you suggested seems plausible, but so could another five explanations for each picture as well. That's the thing with this show - Any given storyline could go a lot of different ways while still retaining it's credibility.

Having said that, I think you're on to something somwhere, there. Good thougts.

Re: What Happens to AJ?

I think the picture is of the guy in the window is Bennie. I think AJ will have some lasting effect on him because of who his father is. Meadow had this with her friend in high schoool who Tony gets his car and gives it to her and then Jackie Jr. and also I think who tony was and the Vito outing scared Finn off. I think something maybe not death but some lasting trauma of some kind afflicts AJ.

Re: What Happens to AJ?

I told myself I would not give in to the spoilers but damn my OCD!! I read on another forum that AJ falls into a deep depression after Blanca refuses AJ's proposal for marriage. I bet it is an attempted suicide.

The episode Chasing It, says Marie Spatafore goes to Tony for advice with her son, Vito Jr.

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