spoiler from deadwood

NEW 4/12/2007 - In Long Branch, NJ on Good Friday, scenes were filmed for the final episode at a vacant beach house. In one scene, James Gandolfini exited a van and ran into the boarded-up house. According to a crew member, the former beach house will act as a refuge for Tony Soprano and his family in the final episode. Another scene, reportedly of a drive-by shooting, was also shot that day along the boardwalk. Below is a photo from the article of James Gandolfini with a crew member during a pause in filming. (source: atlanticville.gmnews.com) Shooting had begun hours before Gandolfini arrived. Take after take of a scene in which a navy blue van marked "Stanholz Beverage" drove by with a mobster archetype behind the wheel, with Tony along for the ride. But because most of the shots of the moving van did not require a close-up of Gandolfini, a look-alike stand-in was brought in to sub for the star. Later, when Gandolfini arrived on set, scenes of the van that required close-ups were filmed with the real Tony in the passenger seat.

might remind a bit of the boardwalk from the monopoly game, owned by janice.

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