Tony's Gun in the Snow

I heard this from a friend. Johnny Sac's "house" (now Janice and Bobby's house) is across the street from this friend's cousin's house. Apparently the crew were shotting there last week and the plot revolved around someone (as of yet unseen) remembering that Tony threw his gun away in the snow as the Feds closed in on and arrested Johnny Sac at the end of season 5. That is all I have for now.

Re: Tony's Gun in the Snow

Thats funny TS..because about 2 weeks I watched the season five finale and noticed that Tony threw his gun in the woods next to Johnny Sacks house..I remember saying to myself "that if the police atleast followed him a little ways, they would have found the gun".

We shall see..interesting possible plot.

Re: Tony's Gun in the Snow

The gun will come back. Some kid watches Tony dropping his gun. At night he gets there and gets it. Two years later Tony gets arrested because the kid got busted with drugs and that very gun and has told the cops that it was Tony's gun. It's only the local police, not the FBI. They can't really make a case against Tony, so he gets out of the can very quickly. The FBI guys are really pissed about it at first, but maybe ... we will see.

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