Offhand remark

OK, so I was working out and watching with subtitles on (amazing how much of the dialogue is mumbled or just quickly spoken). I noticed something that Carmella said that got my attention. Just before the big meal at the end she is looking at a Christmas card and it has a picture of some family's dogs. She says something like "It's so sad when there are no kids". Is this foreshadowing some harm that might befall the only two Sopranos with no blood on their hands (AJ and Meadow)? Or am I just P***ed because I have to wait so long to find out?


Re: Offhand remark

I think Carm "has blood on her hands" to a certain extent. She knows what her husband does, and she is a pro at playing dumb if it helps her deal with things.

The kids really don't have a choice. They were born into this mess.

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