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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>In any event, didn't Melfi have a session with her shrink in which he asked if Tony had come to grips with the shooting? I assumed he meant, either broke down in tears or became enraged? It seemed like the shrink indicated that he would eventually blow. I may have this wrong. If somebody remembers, I'd like a refresher. Thanks. <hr></blockquote>

This is right on target. Melfi tells Elliott that Tony's silence about the shooting isn't omerta, but rather 'something else'' and that it's just a matter of time before he blows.

In some ways I feel as if Jr.'s lack of screentime and the overall lack of substantive discussion about the shooting among characters (i think there was only one direct reference to it in a melfi-tony session?) HAUNTS the entire first part of the season.
I guess it's possible that Dominic Chianese is sick (I hope not) but wouldn't that be in the news?
I suspect his absence is completely intentional, but to what end?!?
Tony's silence on Jr. is deafening.

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