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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>When she was told by the Jewish therapist she could only redeem herself by taking the kids and leaving EVERYTHING behind including money, she conveniently decided he was wrong about it being "blood money" since the alternative was even MORE UNTHINKABLE than the TRUTH of her lifestyle. <hr></blockquote>

Now that the kids are "gone" (Meadow in California with Finn and AJ finally working a good job for "union money") is Carmella capable of moving on without them? That is, she was told to pick up with the kids and leave as her only way out. Now she doesn't have ot worry about packing up the kids, she can leave on her own, of course she will need finacial independence as she will get nothing at all from Tony if she does leave. Perhaps that's where the profit on her spec house is leading, it may give her the money to finally break away, taking the therapists advice. Could that be how it ends next year? Does Carmella finally renounce the trappings of the blood money she lives on by leaving Tony thus securing her own redemption?


Re: The Continuing Saga of Carmella's Nature - Jesus or Sata

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I see her materialism as a way to avoid confronting the immorality in her life. She knows what Tony does. Deep down she knows that Ade is dead (and not only dead, but killed). But she is afraid to look too closely. The spec house gives her an excuse to look the other way. <hr></blockquote>

The main characters in this show seems to have their own crutch to "avoid" the immorality. Chrissy's a druggie. AJ is a wanna be. Meadow is a follower. Uncle Junior is a nutcase. Bobby is a train conductor. Janet is Sister/Wife/Mommie dearest. Ginny eats. Johnny smokes.

And the beat goes on......

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