Re: Favorite Quotes for Kaisha

Little Carmine: "Now for whatever reason, certain incidents have expired lately that in addition to being dangerous could have an adverse impact on our respective bottom lines."

Phil: "I know Vito's bottom was impacted if that's what you're referring to."

That whole scene was great. For a second there I thought Little Carmine might pull it off.

Tony calling Chris "Turkey neck."

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Re: Favorite Quotes for Kaisha

Chris to Kelli: "You remember the penguin movie, how you cried? You sit on an egg for months, one little thing goes wrong, you're left with nothing."

I knew we would get a "March of the Penguins" reference sometime this season. When i saw that film I thought that would be a perfect movie to show Tony watching. The funny thing is Chris is refering to the exact scene I had in mind.

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