Agent Harris - Sopranos Buddy

Agent Harris is Mr. Friendly these days. I just don't believe it. It's all too strange. Maybe it's a setup for a final sting, but it just doesn't ring true. I can't see it happening in real life. Does anyone share my doubts?

I did read the idea that the arab guys are really FBI agents - that works. But Harris the sandwich buddy is too much for me.


Re: Agent Harris - Sopranos Buddy

The FBI has to alert the person who is being threatened, as they did for Tony in Season 1 when they played the tape of Junior and Livia conspiring. In Kaisha, no prospective victim had yet been identified; the FBI was under no obligation to warn anybody yet. Harris, who said clearly that he had gotten the info from friends of his in "OC," warned Tony as a friendly gesture. Why? "It's Christmas."

More significant is that the FBI knew what had been said at the meeting of Phil's crew. How? Wire-taps? Informant? That's something we've yet to be told.

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