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Hrurusch, I have no idea what you're talking about re other threads. I had a brief window of time in which to post earlier today and did so. I just now saw your reply when I returned to the forum this evening, so please don't get snippy.

Back on point, until I deleted it, your post contained what -- by your own words -- was a spoiler. Maybe you were having some language issues, as I know English is not your first language, but you used the word "spoiler" and clearly left the impression that you were confirming some event happening or not happening based on knowledge of a spoiler. That's a violation of the spoiler policies here, which I take VERY seriously. If I seemed curt, it was only to make you (and others) aware of just how seriously I take them. Don't take it any more personally than that.

Just a reminder to everyone that those who read spoilers should preferably stay out of speculation threads in non spoiler forums. These are speculation threads for unspoiled posters. Once people with outside knowledge start joining in, it's a slippery slope to something being revealed that shouldn't be.


Re: Kaisha trailer - Speculation

Maybe it is from a spoiler. I don't know because I don't read spoilers and try to avoid all but the most innocuous ones.

I assumed the remark you're alluding to was just the poster's speculation, since that's what the thread is for. If the poster was posting based on knowledge of a spoiler rather than mere conjecture, then I need to have a word with him as well.

But the point you are still missing is that by stating it's from a spoiler, you are removing any cloak of doubt, speculation, or supposition and are stating or confirming as fact a plot detail that HBO has not officially released. That makes you the only one to unambiguously post a spoiler in this thread.


Re: Kaisha trailer - Speculation

so if someone posts a spoiler and i say 'hey thats from a spoiler' that makes me the only one to unambiguously post a spoiler in this thread.
its obvious that it is not in any trailer and is grabbed totally out of the air, and because i happened to have seen the same statement in the spoiler section on this board and say where its from it makes me the only one to unambiguously post a spoiler in this thread?
edit:sorry, thats just weird.bye.

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Re: Kaisha trailer - Speculation

The proper response to something that you suspect was posted not as genuine, unspoiled speculation but as real foreknowledge masquerading as speculation would be to privately contact me or one of the moderators, not to openly label as "spoiler" (and therefore confirm as fact) the offending statements.

I repeat. The post before the one in question asked if anyone had any ideas what was meant by the HBO teaser "Chris takes up where Tony left off". I assumed exGloucester's reply was just his speculative answer to that question. I had no idea his statement was anything other than that until you purported it to be fact.

That's not to say that he wasn't putting forth a spoiler under the guise of speculation. If that were the case, I have a serious bone to pick with him. But I would not accuse him of that based on these facts, and I would never have known to accuse him had you not publicly disclosed the spoiler.

This is what I was afraid of when some asked about having a speculation thread every week for the next episode: cross contamination of the thread by posters who DO read spoilers and really have no business in a thread dedicated to NON SPOILER-BASED speculation.

Folks, that's why there is a dedicated spoiler forum. If you read spoilers . . . EVER, AT ALL . . . then please confine your speculation to that forum so the unspoiled can speculate based only on the shows that have aired and the official teasers and promotional material put forth by HBO and company.

I will now officially delete exGloucester's remarks and request that discussion return to the topic at hand: NON SPOILER-BASED speculation on Kaisha.

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