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it's a side point for sure but I found the clash between Ro's and Carm's travel agendas quite realistic (and the way they handled it showed the strength of their friendship. they are close enough to snap at each other, even offend one another without doing any serious damage. I found it touching that Ro invited Carm to hang out with her and the French boy toy even after the tense Jackie Jr. convo.)

I also didn't find either one at fault, they were just in different places.
it's often difficult to travel with a close friend -- it can make or break a relationship - you find out a lot about each other, not to mention yourself (remember Meadow lecturing Carm on Henry James and the 'restorative' nature of travel in season 3?)

And Ro not being in the same philosophical mode as Carm just made Carm's experience that much deeper, in my opinion. she didn't have the luxury of totally unloading on Ro, intensifying her sense of angst and subsequent introspetion


Re: The french waiter.

Eda? By "clash between their travel agendas" ... do you specifically mean Ro's young man? I'm trying to think what other clashes they had and can't really recall any.

Ro seems to have put herself at Carm's disposal. She seemed to be happy to be Carm's sidekick. My old attitude would be to sneer at Ro thinking she had nothing going for herself. But the new attitude sees Ro in terms of her strong friendship for Carm and wanting to give all she could to Carm.

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Re: The french waiter.

Splish: by 'clash' i just mean what i took to be the fact that they were in totally different places mentally (which I think happens more often than not with travel partners)

on a basic level it's just the simple notion of two people being on different schedules (sleep and otherwise) Ro calls Carm 'Napoleon' (not saying that's a huge deal - just that it illustrates how Ro was feeling more laid back and Carm was more about getting up early and seeing the sights.) there are several other little examples of how the two weren't on same page (which is totally normal, IMO, much more realistic than if they portrayed them arm-in-arm, cooing over the Mona Lisa)

IMO, Ro clearly was more about relaxing, smoking in cafes, hooking up - taking it easy and leaving NJ behind, as she explicitly said to Carm in the restaurant.
Ro was firmly earthbound (i.e. talking about how her bowels stop up when she flies) Carm, as we know, was somewhere else entirely.

separately, seems like 'french waiter' thread a decent place to bring this up -- someone on another board (i apologize i can't recall which one) asked whether people thought the French policeman in Carm's Ade dream reminded them of Agent Harris ..... I have to say this really resonated with me. I'm curious if anyone else had same thought? (i don't think it *was* Harris -- just had a strong Harris vibe) I'm not even saying this has huge meaning ... I just found it interesting.


Re: The french waiter.

Re: waiter's description of food being served to Carm:

Could someone (montefalco?) fluent in French translate about the duck-egg/shell-citrus connection (Eggs & Oranges ominous reference)??

I could swear i heard the term "oeuf" (french for egg), possibly with a hard g in front of it. if Carm is getting served some sort of duck-egg-citrus meal, the eggs & oranges connection would be unbelievably blatant. And the duck reference is quite the tie-in to the overall theme of ducks flying off/ little birds leaving their mother, etc. that has underlain the whole series...

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