Re: The french waiter.

He was describing the food they each got.

I didn't follow much of what he said to Roe. I hated her so much by this point in the trip that I hoped he brought her a shit sandwich.

But he told Carm that she got some kind of duck in honey and lemon sauce.

"cunard (duck) cuisee (cooked in some way) a son gousse (in its shell) jus (juice or sauce of) de miel (honey) du citronee (lemon).

Sorry, I didn't understand a couple of words after cuisee so I'm not sure what shell he meant.


Re: The french waiter.

I love Roe. I find her crude but warm manner to be very refreshing and I agree that she (and the actress) are 100% real. She can pop out some tremendously funny lines ("You didn't see Judas going into the Apostle protection program. He knew what he'd done." LMAO!) And I think she is a very good friend to Carm.

I can't fault her for constantly trying to get Carm off her heavy, philosophical bent on the trip. That's not who Roe is, and very little could have prepared her to think that Carm would be that way on the trip. Roe, very much like Carm, makes it through life by denying that which is painful or disconcerting to acknowledge, by covering up the holes in her life with shopping and hairdos and clothing and fine food and manicures and chasing men. She surely went to Paris thinking it was a great opportunity to indulge in all of that, only to find she was with a suddenly, deeply contemplative traveling partner.

I don't fault Carmela either. She was affected by what she saw and by the things that have been happening in her life recently. I actually found the contrast between their preoccupations and attitudes on the trip to be quite amusing.

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