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Two things.... as Dr. Seuss says
Thing One:
I'm wondering... if Carm had said to Tony EVERYTHING she had said to him while he was in a coma, would he still have strayed?
She said something pre-Paris to him like "You know, I told you that I loved you"...

She didn't tell him the ways he had turned her on from the get-go, or the ways he turned her on. Had she, would he have been able to look at the plastic dancer the way my dog looks at a plate of meat?
Thing Two: Was Carm initially offended that Ro was chatting up a too-young-for-her stud, or that their "girls' trip" was sullied by Rosalie's libido?


Re: Discussing the BJ: Tony and the Bing Girl

What's wierd about this "L" word thing is that Carm has said the words before. In season 2, I know she said it during the ep when Chris was shot. OTOH, it was as a prelude to asking him to get a vasectomy, so . . . I'm thinking she also said that "we love you" when he woke up from the dream in Funhouse, referring to herself and the kids.

Tony's never told HER he loved her. No real surprise there. But I didn't know that it was quite as big a deal as it appears to be for Carm to actually verbalize it to a conscious Tony.

Don't know if her saying all that stuff to awake Tony would have made any difference. I tend to think not. Interesting question, though.

I thought Carm's reference to the guy being only 26 showed two things: (1) she's still an old fashioned, Catholic housewife who has no problem accepting the double standards that work against women just like her (men far older than Ro often date women younger than 26, and plenty of people never raise an eyebrow at that); and (2) Carm was just in this philosophical, reflective state of mind, the kind that comes only with age and life experience, and she just can't imagine having a romantic interest in someone who's at a totally different place in life, a feeling she improperly imputed to Ro. Just my rough take on that.


Re: Discussing the BJ: Tony and the Bing Girl

I talked about this in Tony changing thread. imo IT WAS JUST A BLOW JOB!!!!! He doesn't need Carms permission to get a hummer. never has and she know's that.

Someone said that they didn't think Tony had changed when he came out of the coma. Actually the first words we heard him say was to the nurse about how he "didn't feel like himself" The nurse then said something like "it will pass" . I think in a way it has and will contiue to(I actually hope it doesn't). He even said to Melfi about how everyday being a gift is hard with everyday pressures and stresses. But if he hasn't changed and isn't thinking past his life with the mob why did he sell the chicken shop with a casino on top of it. He turned down sex with hottie juliana. It's going to be hard to change after years of this life. You don't change your lifestyle overnight. that goes for smoking, if your overly obese and you're trying to change eating habbits. Changing your lifestyle is probably the hardest thing any of us can try to do. and we all have slip ups and regress a bit. And getting a b.j. from a stripper is a bit of a relapse or whatever, but I don't look into it much more than a stressed out boss letting off some steam by having extracurricular activities after having to make a tough decesion.

Remeber after he was talking to Sil outside of the Bing he calls Carm on his way inside. While sitting at the bar he gets her voicemail. Who's to say he wouldn't have just gone home and banged his wife if she was there? Probably not but the vito thing had him stressed out. He goes inside has a drink and calls his wife. She didn't answer and so there right in front of him is a something that'll take his mind off of shit for moment at least.

I do notice how throught the show the visuals will tie into dialoge from earlier. When the camera zoomed in on his face and that grin, and carmella's voice saying leave a message it reminded me of when she said "whatever boys do" also. I think it was meant to remind tony too. Imo he was initially thinking of his wife. granted im giving tony a lot of credit and assuming he is trying to change his life. but again imo IT WAS JUST A B.J.

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