Re: Who was the other guy that got whacked?

After re-watching the episode, I noticed that Sil seemed quite uneasy during his private meeting w/ Tony. As they were discussing the Vito situation and NY's involvement, Sil appeared a bit disturbed, and even flustered, at how everything played out. He was uncomfortable at the current situation and uneasy at the prospect of going into the future with that relationship w/ NY.

It is my assumption, then, that Sil intentionally made the first move against fat Dom in hopes to strategically alter the NY/NJ balance. After all, when have we known Silvio to make a blunder that negatively affects the Soprano crew? He's not the consiglieri by accident. His move was in fact well thought-out, not ill-advised.


Re: Who was the other guy that got whacked?

I don't know about that one HagensBing1977. Sil just lost his cool IMO.

Sure, Sil was uneasy about the whole situation. He ask if they should "hit one of Phil's guys" as a question to Tony, not as solid advise.

I didn't see anything "well thought out" in the Fat Dom scene. I saw it as high emotions regarding Dom's insults towards New Jersey and hard feeling regarding Vito. Prior to the gay situation, Vito wasn't a hated man.

Maybe one of those "I can hit my brother but I'll kill you if you touch him" situations was at play. Think about Carlo's facial expression after Dom made the first joke. He was pissed in an instant. That was before the "Carlo's lipstick" joke and commits insinuating other New Jersey members might be gay.

Mix the two and you have Fat Dom digging his own grave. Would anyone of sound mind sit there insulting a mob member with a huge kitchen knife in his hand?

PS. If you can't tell, I want revenge for Vito. He has been here sinse Season 2(Gino in S1). His story took up to much time this season but I want Phil and the Haircut dead regardless. If you had ask me 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have cared. That last scene with Vito's kids. Madon! Fuck New York.<img src= ALT=":lol">

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Re: Who was the other guy that got whacked?

Pork Store, my heart bled for Vito's two kids. Oh my god. I don't know what was worse, the daughter starting to get the picture or the son--who clearly worshipped dad---who knew, being older.

I don't know what I want with NY. On the one hand, Phil was way out of line. Vito did nothing to the NY crew except disgrace the wife of one of their made men....albeit one MAMMA of a disgrace.

On the other hand...Tony protected Diet Tony from the NY crew after Tony B whacked a made NY man in front of his brother.

Vito's whacking is not so much payback for Philly's sister, it's payback for Philly's brother. Somebody probably already said this. I need coffee.

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