Re: Who was the other guy that got whacked?

This feels like the start of a chain of events. In season 5, they began the chain of whackings, which in turn lead to Tony offing his own cousin.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>he was one of the guys that whacked vito - right after Phil yelled, "You're disgrace." <hr></blockquote>

So, it was Sil and Carlo who ended up killing this NEW YORK guy?!?!?! If I was placing bets, I'd put my money on one of those two guys to get whacked next.

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Re: Who was the other guy that got whacked?

I kind of thought Chris would be the one to die in the finale after watching the preview. Of course this could be about something totally unrelated but Tony saying "you lied to me" leads me to believe that they're finally closing out Christophers story line with Tony finding out about his continued drug use. Not saying Tony is the one that kills him, could still be NY but I dont feel like they'd let Chris's secret drug use go to his grave without Tony finding out....again.

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