What time of the year is it in Soprano's time?

When Carm was leaving for Paris Tony told her she has had a rough year, with him getting shot and all.

When Meadow announced she was moving Carm asked if she were coming home at Christmas? What about Thanksgiving? They seem to have large family gatherings for all holidays.

It was also colder weather when AJI was leaving for work. Of course it has been a cold spring for some places this year.

Did anyone catch anything in the last episode or two to give an idea of the time?


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Re: What time of the year is it in Soprano's time?

I don't know. In the "Keisha" preview, we see Aj walking down some stairs with Christmas lights.

The St. Elzear feast is on Sep. 27 according to this site. www.catholic.org/saints/s...int_id=628

From the slow buildup of snow in the episodes after "the Ride," I would say Carm is talking about Christmas 2006.

That could possible mean that the last 8 episodes will flow closer to real time when aired next winter.

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Re: What time of the year is it in Soprano's time?

Right Bob/Bcorsale, i was thinking just that

BTW, on this whole "What time/season is it" topic...

...I have such a strong feeling that the series (up to S6EP12 at least) will end with Chris' line that was apparently screened within a trailer at a very early media showing where Chris apparently says to Tony:

<span style="font-size:large;">"The Winter of our f###ing discontent"</span>

We know this is coming up and so is bound to turn up in KAISHA and so would re-affirm the notion that 'Sopranos time' is currently around the Winter mark.

I think a scene of Chris telling Tony that, perhaps outside in the snow, would be an awesome line to go out on until January 2007.

The Sopranos would be going into their 'Winter of discontent' and we, the avid fans/viewers will also literally be going into our 'Winter of discontent' waiting tirelessly for the bonus 8 episodes!

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Re: What time of the year is it in Soprano's time?

so I realize I'm nitpicking here but the 'corzine era begins' headline is bugging me --- that was a real headline in the star-ledger on jan. 18, 2006 --- (it's possible there was the same headline when corzine was elected in fall 2005, but i don't think so)

it's sort of funny, i suppose, in that it shows how those of us who try to pick up on clues from every little detail are often on a 'wild goose chase' (how is that for a fitting sopranos cliche!) because the 'clue' is either meaningless or an out-an-out mistake.

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