Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

Anthony: Listen, as far as that thing goes, the coffee with the chickoree.

Johnny Sac: What the fuck is that?

Anthony: Ah shit. I suck at talking like this John. I’m sorry. (rethingking) Our friend with the stomach.

Johnny Sac: (confused) In town or near home?

Anthony: Your neighbor (whispering conspiratorially) A. S.

Johnny Sac: (annoyed) Yeah, alright! Just say “the thing I asked you to do!” The coffee with the fucking chickoree. Is he gonna get it for me?

Anthony: Yes. Bad news is that he wants 10 cups for himself, not 7.

Johnny Sac: (resigned) Alright. Done. (Sighs) Did you pick up the birthday cake for Gin with the marzipan flowers?

Anthony: (confused) The stuff behind the pool?

Johnny Sac: (yelling disgustedly) No, an actual fucking cake! It’s her birthday.

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Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Not a quote, but the cutaway from Vito and Johnny Cakes in bed, to Bobby's toy train going through the tunnel.<hr></blockquote>

That's like the ending to Hitchcock's North By Northwest, except it wasn't referring to gay sex. Clever little transition none the less.

Janice to Tony and Carm: "Nobody knows what's going on in my head." <img src= ALT=":lol">


Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Paraphrasing, Carmela descending stairs seeing Janice crying: "Oh my God! Is everything OK? What happened?"
Tony: "She's HAPPY."<hr></blockquote>

OMG, I was LOL so hard at the way Gandolfini delivered that line. PERFECT acting by everyone involved.

Funniest line to me wasn't a line but a sound followed by a look. Tony puts his breakfast into the microwave, then awkwardly goes over to comfort Meadow. Just as Meadow is getting cranked up to pour her heart out, the microwave goes off. Tony looks around at it longingly and you can just read his mind: "Why me? STFU! Don't you know I want to EAT!" Only on the Sopranos!!

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