Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

The scene of Tony talking to Sil the first time is even more hilarious if you pause on the poster Sil is putting up. It is for "The Perfect Secretary" starring Carmen Luvana. There is a fake post-it pad on the poster that reads "Carmen's first Anal Scene!"

Is this a reference to Vito's first anal scene where the train goes through the tunnel or is it a premonition that Carmen is going to be getting screwed in this deal?

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Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

At the end with Tony, Sil and Sal Vitro:

Sal Vitro: Excuse me Tony... I been meaning to ask you, uh.. I was just wondering about the Sacrimoni place.

Tony: What about it?

Sal Vitro: Well now that Mrs. Sacrimoni is guilty, do you think I could maybe take them off my route?

Tony: What the fuck did you just say, Sal?

Sal Vitro: I don't know.

Sil: The fuckin' lawnmower man just said John was guilty T.

Tony: He plead guilty Sal. Ok?

Sal Vitro: Yeah, Ok.

Tony: With this government, no fuckin' trial. Maybe they uh, stuck tasers on his balls and beat him mercilessly with a rubber hose. You ever think of that?

Sal Vitro: No. But of course it makes sense.

Tony: Don't besmirch the man Sal.

Sal Vitro: So about the yard..

Sil: You believe this fuckin' guy?

Tony: You're done with that. Come on let's go check out these DVD's


Re: Favoroite Episode Quotes for Moe N' Joe

When Melfi refers to Tony possibly feeling sexually
threatened by Janice and/or Livia as: "It's normal,
not sick."

Tony: "I inherited my mother!"

Tony to Carlo in the back room of Satriale's, while
mocking Bobby: "Fuck that honor and loyalty shit!
It was a maneuver."

Janice to Tony: "There's nothing holding us together
but DNA."

More hysteria: Dean Martin singing "That's Amore,"
while Vito plays house as the female-role, cooking
pork chops in a candlelight supper for Johnny Cakes
in NH and Sinatra singing "I Did It My Way, as Vito
high-tails it back to NJ, but not before rear-ending
the parked van of some guy getting his "mail."

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