Speculation for next week: Cold Stones

Meant to put this up earlier but forgot. Someone had suggested it would be neat to include a speculation thread based on the weekly previews, and I agree. Kind of late now, but we have 80 minutes to speculate . . . and only 140 to see how close we came to getting it right.:-)

Just to reiterate, if you've been exposed to spoilers this post is not for you. This is for NON SPOILER based speculation only.

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Re: Speculation for next week: Cold Stones

The stuff with Tony telling Sil it's "all about me, not about Vito" and the scene of Tony trying to enter some kind of warehouse looking building (while Sil met him at the door and told him to stay out) means that the guys catch up with Vito and are going to do him in . . . in style.

I recall Benny mentioning some warehouse where he would "drive nails into Artie's balls". And then there was Chris threatening to cut off Vito's penis and "feed it to him". Knowing how the theme of castration/genital injury has resurfaced time and again (in the very name "Soprano" and most recently in ep 3 when Paulie suffered a testicular injury and put Tony into tachycardia while talking about it), I predict the guys are going to try to catch up with Vito and, at the very least, try to cut off his genitals. And Tony will move to stop it.

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