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Here are the things in this episode that I found interesting.

1) Sal Vitro and his way of dealing w/ Tony- The first good move was meeting Tony at his standard newspaper pickup spot. Then, when he stood up to Tony in front of Sil. Great, efficient, balls-y tactics that eventually won the respect of Tony and got Sal what he wanted.

2) Janice telling her daughter "Take care of your things"

3) Tony taking the moral high-ground when he got offended that Janice cursed in front of the baby

4) Carmella to Ginny when she walked in the door "Stop blubbering, this is a party!"

5) Johnny Sack's emphasis on his wife's birthday cake- he seemed to care as much about this issue as the business dealings w/ Tony- what a sensitive guy.

6) Tony saying he's been in therapy 5 years?- If the show is in real-time, and it started in Jan 1999, doesn't this mean that he's been in therapy for 7 years at least?

7) The continued use of the techno-style beat that you can hear when Tony is in the back of the Bing. It makes quite a background effect when he's speaking with someone.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

Good episode. I think Carm is pissed about her spec house falling through because she wants a back up for her income, in case Tony gets nailed by the feds. She doesn't want to end up like Ginni, having to sell off everything and she also remembers how Angie Bomp was having to give out samples at the grocery store after Pussy was whacked.

I hope to hell we are done with the Vito/Jonny Cakes crap. Think there may be something with Vito coming back to NJ and hearing Meadow whine about not getting laid enough and Finn always hanging out at his friends apartment? Could Vito and Finn run into each other at a gay bar?

I'll completely agree with the earlier remarks about Janice being perhaps the worlds worst human being. I can't figure out why Tony would do what he did with the house, unless it was sheer guilt.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I thought this was a good ep.

I felt so bad for Johnny -- Sack, though also for Johnny Cakes, now that I think about it. Tony acting like a vulture really disappointed me. But that's the nature of them guys.

And Johnny Cakes is such a decent guy. Volunteer firefighter, always saying the right thing, not beating up Vito any more than was needed (like kicking away the crowbar from V instead of pounding him more). I always wondered what he saw in Vito.

So Paulie does have cancer. It goes without saying that it's no laughing matter, but it was funny when Tony asked about Paulie's hair. His pride and joy!

Re Tony and Carm's spec house -- Tony had been avoiding dealing with the inspector ever since he came home from the hospital. He kept saying he forgot, but that was probably subconsciously intentional. So Carm having her focus directed on the house instead of the family was the last straw. I think Tony just doesn't want Carm to have any independence.

I laughed out loud when we get a shot of the train going thru the tunnel after a Vito/Johnny Cakes scene. I guess that was hard for Chase to resist.

Re the Orange Glo ad -- I get the feeling that Chase is just messing with us, throwing in orange this and orange that because so many people see it as significant.

Janice. I loved the scene in the basement when she thanked T for the house. What I loved was when she started to cry -- having to make EVERYTHING a drama for her -- and T explains to Carm with mild distaste, "It's happiness."

Good ep. I'm looking forward to watching again.


Re: crap

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I never knew this. Is this speculation? Is there proof it was Tony I may have missed? Is this true 100%?<hr></blockquote>

it was never explicitly confirmed that Tony did it but as with a lot of things on The Sopranos you have to read into things and make logical assumptions...I am 99% sure it was Tony who did that...his attempts to bring him back into the business by talking to him had failed so he exploited his weakness for the fast life and the fact that he could be making large sums of money on a daily basis rather then the chump change he would make at the massage parlor


Re: crap

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Just one question, what does Tony say to Meadow that makes her upset? I didnt get that part...<hr></blockquote>

It is over in the favorite quotes thread:

Posted by bcorsale

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>TS to MS: All right honey, when you're living in sin with some guy you can't expect .........
MS: Living in WHAT? Jesus Christ!
TS: Ya should talk to your mudder about this shit!<hr></blockquote>

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Re: crap

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I hope to hell we are done with the Vito/Jonny Cakes crap. Think there may be something with Vito coming back to NJ and hearing Meadow whine about not getting laid enough and Finn always hanging out at his friends apartment?<hr></blockquote>

I found some interesting points in your post.

We may not be done with Vito/Jim but what remains may be the very best part. I expect to see Vito get his reward for a life of crime including murder. If we see Jim again, it's bound to be very exciting - perhaps involving a good fight between some biker guys and some OC guys. I'm still hoping to see a return of Da Vipers.

The most interesting thing for me concerned Meadow. Do you get the feeling we are being set up for some major happenings to her in the next epi or two?

Unlike many others, I just can't see Vito bothering to whack Finn. It's a whole lot of risk for a very small payback. Even if Vito knows that Finn told people of his parking lot adventure, that's hardly reason to kill Finn. Vito left NJ after being seen in a gay bar. Finn had nothing to do with that. Finn's part in Vito's problem is very miniscule.

But, I feel we're being set up for something re Finn & Meadow. If Meadow loses Finn, it seems to me that we are being prepared to suffer a softer blow. But why? I can't imagine why. I have always expected a huge emotional gut wrenching involving Meadow near the end of the series. So why soften the blow by showing us that their relationship is not all lovey dovey?

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Re: crap

While I'm not at all crazy about the homosexual overtones of the past couple of episodes (I'm old fashioned), I laughed out loud with the train going into the tunnel, that was pure gold.

One item I seem to be having a different take on was the scene involving Bobby Jr and Janice. I saw it as Tony actually seeing Janice succeeding with parenting Bobby Jr, compared to Tony/Carmela's attempts with AJ. The parallels of how different the results were between AJ and Bobby Jr - and the shots of Tony sitting there watching the whole thing, may be part of the excuse of why he "rewarded" Janice with the new palace.

Like I said, I'm old fashioned, the old school style of parenting fits more with my outlook. Not perhaps the method, but the overall "putting the foot down" flavor, which is sorely lacking with Tony/Carmela.

Perhaps Tony will finally get some cajones in dealing with AJ and put his own foot, so to speak.

As far as the rest of the eposide, I did enjoy it (minus the male male lip locking scenes), but I've been one of the ones that have consistently enjoyed every single episode since the first season as each one has had it's own peculiar charm.


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>6) Tony saying he's been in therapy 5 years?- If the show is in real-time, and it started in Jan 1999, doesn't this mean that he's been in therapy for 7 years at least?<hr></blockquote>

Remember Tony was not in therapy for a year between season 4 and 5. Also At the end of Season 1, Melfi goes into hiding and they do not get back to therapy until about the third episode of season 2. So that would be a little over 5 years of therapy I believe.


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