Vipers' Wine

By sheer chance, Tony and Christopher get lost on their
way to Pittsburgh, PA., and meet up with the Viper
bikers stealing boxes of expensive French wine and
an ATM machine.

The pulling-of-the-triggers confrontation that
ensues between the Vipers vs. Tony and Chris,
implies to me that there may be a connection
with these bikers and Vito, now gayly entranced
and ensconced with his biker buddies in NH.
He's probably introduced them to mob tactics
by now, with him acting as their Boss.

Perhaps Vito has orchestrated the Viper's haul of good
French wine somewhere in PA, never thinking that Tony
and Chris would happen to appear on the scene and rob
him of his "booty."

Tony's deal with Phil Leotardo about the Centrum
Vitamin truck heist without notifying the rather
effeminate Johnny Sac rotting away in prison, points
to a new alliance between Tony and Phil.

Vito will be found in NH, now that the bikers are
involved. They will surely gossip about the mess
of the wine heist in PA and it'll get back to Vito.


Re: Vipers' Wine

You may be correct, but my first reaction is to guess this has an extremely low probability.

The main reason is that the people Vito knows in NH are not really bikers in the same sense as The Vipers.

My limited understanding of biker gangs is that the members are largely ex-cons and criminals committed to an outlaw lifestyle.

Vito's new friends are nothing like that. Some of them are gay and choose to wear biker clothes and ride big bikes - presumably - because they enjoy the image. But I can't imagine that any of them are real criminals. After all, they give of themselves on a volunteer basis to help fight fires and that's just not very compatible with the outlaw lifestyle.

Vito said words to the effect that where he comes from, people join the fire department to steal from fire victims.

Having said all that, my knowledge of biker gangs is probably no more extensive than any other members here. I'm just conjecturing based on what I know from the mass media. So, if anyone else has a contrary opinion, I'll be glad to listen and learn.

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