Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

Do you think she knows the truth?

Is she scared it could happen to her?

Does she believe Chrissy did it?

Does she actually believe she ran off?

Important topic in my opinion since she already had a vision of her earlier on in the season in the spec house.

Edit Note: These matters are already being discussed in the General thread.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

This is one of those 6 of one, half dozen of the other calls. But I'm in favor of keeping this a separate thread. Carmela's suspicions about Ade, and her reluctant "confrontation" of Tony about them, was the most important aspect of this episode to me. I know discussion was already under way in General Comments, so it's awkward. But I'll copy those posts below.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

(This was posted in General Thoughts, because this thread was closed while I was typing in my entry. I will paste it here, and delete the entry in general thoughts.)

I think the most important question for me in regards to the Adrianna conversation between Tony and Carm was in two parts:

a) Does Carmella know or have suspicions that Tony himself is capable of murder, or that he has murdered people before;


b) How attached is she to her lifestyle? More specifically, if she knew all the details (Ade was an FBI informant, and if she continued to live it probably would have resulted in Tony going to jail for a very long time), would she condone the murder, or would she allow her life to be ripped away from her and Tony put in jail?

That's what was interesting to me about that confrontation, not whether she actually thinks Chris did it, but where she would stand if she knew all the information.

It has always struck me as interesting that Carmella seems to know much, much less about what it is that Tony does than most of the other wives. Even Adrianna had more information about Chris' actual "business" dealings than Carmella knows about Tony's. Silvio's wife talks to him about moving up in the ranks, Rosalie Aprile knows about Angie's money on the street, but Carm seems almost completely ignorant about every aspect of Tony's business life. She knows he's a criminal, but I have my doubts as to whether she knows of the depth and breadth of his crimes. Any thoughts?


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

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Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I think Carm totally knows something is rotten with the Ade story. she doesn't know exactly what, but she definitely knows that Tony's story is BS. and who does T think he's talking to with the lame excuses? how many years have they been married? she can see thru that kind of talk 100 miles away.


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Re: Episode Review and General Comments

I'll just reference my post of a few minutes ago, and ask again, doesn't Carmela ever watch the news? The mafia has been and continues to be a newsworthy topic in the NY/NJ area, and stories about Tony and his crew have been on the news plenty of times. We've seen clips playing on TV during various episodes. How naive is she supposed to be? I have a lot of difficulty buying it, even if people avoid telling her things they know, like Angie putting money on the street. She's had the FBI over to the house more than once, she knows where the guns are hidden. She's no innocent child.


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Re: Episode Review and General Comments
When Tony told Carm he didn't want to "make her an accessory to the fact" regarding Janice killing Richie Aprile, Carm was gobmsacked. Carm already told Melfi that "there are bigger crooks than my husband". Carm is aware of Tony's philandering with money but as far as murders go, she is naive to the fact. After all, she didn't believe Jackie Jr's death had anything to do with him being whacked.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>P.S.- Don't throw anything at me, billymac.:-)<hr></blockquote>

Never Boss! BTW, before you re-opened this thread I had already made it clear in the General thread that closing this one was a judgment call, and that I could be wrong. I had also sent Wissyagain a private message explaining my decision in more detail. So I respect the decision to re-open.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

It's indicative of how conflicted Carmela is about everyything even remotely related to Tony's business. Obviously, it's a little suspicious that Andrianna disappeared without even contacting her mother, and Carmela probably has moments when she thinks that something nefarious went on that Tony may have had somethnig to do with, but as with everything else, she needs to be in denial most of the time to survive with her self-respect intact.


Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

If she knew Ade was "working" for the Feds I think she would suddenly be ok with it. She has no kind words for the others that have "disappeared" when told they were rats.

It was nice to see that the FBI did go to Ade's mom and share their concerns. I wonder if they told her she was giving them info? I still can't believe they have not contacted Christopher over it. I guess they don't want to show their hands that they "might" know something.

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Re: Carmella and her thoughts on where Adrianna is?

I think Carmella knows exactly what Tony's business entails because she says so to Melfi in a previous episode. But I think somehow she doesn't think much of men being whacked- Sheila's right, she hasn't had the kindest words for rats before. However, Carmella is concerned with her woman's role or she wouldn't look so jealously at Angie or try so hard to make it on her own with the real estate venture. Knowing that Tony might have targeted a woman like Adriana would make the burden of knowing all about Tony' s brand of business difficult for Carmella to bear.

Carmella's not as naive as she pretends to be. She caught on quickly to Tony's blunder saying that Christopher left Adriana. If she sits down to think about it, her main reaction might be to re-evaluate her worth as a woman to Tony. She might push harder for this real estate thing in the next few episodes as a result of this.

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