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one thing about the trailers is that they are almost always intentionally misleading. it takes really close attention to detail to decipher some of the stuff they throw at you. i just know that every week i spend alot of time watching that clip on i figured i'm not the only one.


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Observations from the trailer:

Meadow is crying uncontrollably for a brief moment and being consoled by tony.

It appears that the person getting beat with the iron bar is getting beat by a black person next to a generic white cargo van, it does not appear to be Johnny Cakes, the man on the ground is large, but its impossible to tell it is Vito.

Vito DOES however give Johnny Cakes a fairly sizeable push, could be after Vito tells Johnny he can never tell anyone (we can take guesses as to the substance of the secret, but it looks like Johnny reveals it to someone).

It is interesting that Chris is arguing with a U.S. Marshal, as they have a very specific jurisdiction and job duty. From wikipedia:

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The Marshals Service is responsible for providing protection for the federal judiciary, transporting federal prisoners (see JPATS), protecting endangered federal witnesses and managing assets seized from criminal enterprises. The men and women of the Marshals Service are responsible for 55.2 percent of arrests of federal fugitives. <hr></blockquote>

Could be a good hint about the "managing assets seized from criminal enterprises", or a few others in there.


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"...punish Bobby because you got shot" - Janice

Why do I think that Bobby will get something coming to him because of this. Other reports say Bobby will suffer vision impairment at some point. Could it be that the fat guy on the ground getting jumped isn't Vito, it's Bobby.


Re: Trailer is Up - this contains "spoiler"

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>The trailer for Episode 75 is up and running. If you freeze frame the shot of Chris towards the end, he is arguing with a US Marshal. This may not be from next week; it could be from any of the remaining three episodes. Chris yells "This is insane". Is is Adriana or the terrorists?<hr></blockquote>

How does one get to the trailer for E75? When I select watch video the list ends with E74.

Please provide a link if you have one?

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