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<span style="color:navy;font-family:century gothic;font-size:small;">When Tony told Carm he didn't want to "make her an accessory to the fact" regarding Janice killing Richie Aprile, Carm was gobmsacked. Carm already told Melfi that "there are bigger crooks than my husband". Carm is aware of Tony's philandering with money but as far as murders go, she is naive to the fact. After all, she didn't believe Jackie Jr's death had anything to do with him being whacked. </span>


Re: Episode Review and General Comments

It's a strange Sopranos season when reactions to episodes are so unpredictable (including my own). I was a tad disappointed with this episode.

I felt the Chris drug scenes were too drawn out. I could certainly do without another Paulie sideline story, although I see the efforts to tie this one to the previous one. Yet another therapy scene was ended prematurely. In all, I just don't think enough happened in terms of exploring the inner-Tony landscape, especially given the urgency of those questions after the events of early this season.

That said, there were some developments. Tony appears to be facing a "boredom" issue that is very reminiscent of what took place in House Arrest. The wine "lost its pop" for him after a very short while. And he and Chris replayed the heist one too many times in attempt to milk some kind of enduring enjoyment from it.

Like Nica with the Tea Cups ride, Tony needs frequent diversions, a recurring "ride" and the accompanying adrenaline bursts, to distract him from the empty, haunting, and dissatisfying aspects of his life. As Melfi forecast in House Arrest, and continuing with the thoughts in the "It's not Omerta" thread from last week, there would seem to be a "crash" in Tony's near future. I just wish we'd covered more ground on that road with The Ride.


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I confess to being surprised at your disappointment in the episode, I think I remember it was you who said before that you thought the effect of Adrianna's disappearance and death had been inadequately treated by the writers.

I think that there has been a lot of setup this season in terms of indicating all the rotten wood underneath each of the major characters who support Tony's life.

Chris is a drug addict, still.
Paulie is close to a mental breakdown, and unable to come to grips with his family history.
Carmella loves him, but would she still love him if she knew the parts of his life that he keeps hidden?
AJ is a disaster at life, Tony's own son seems incapable of being good at anything.
Janice is an absolute mess, as always.

Everything in Tony's life, and everything he relies upon, seem to be precipitously close to collapsing. I suppose I hadn't really recognized it until now, but if you look back across this season, one of the larger themes has seemed to be this fragility in every aspect of Tony's life. They all seem to be holding up ok at the moment, but how long will this moment last?


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I too was surprised at FOMW review I thought it was a really good episode and I have since rewatched it and enjoyed it even more to me it was one of the best of the season, not that I am judging just saying I thought for sure FOMW you would have really enjoyed it especially the Tony and Christopher scenes they were great in my mind. With that said though there are 3 episodes left and I am starting to get a little depressed knowing the long wait is among us agian because even though they say as of now the next 8 will be in January I would bet the house that it will be later that that at least March maybe later 2007 but who knows if it is January that isn't too bad that would be the shortest wait yet.


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DGC, Zilljay, let me stress that it was mild disappointment, not like, for example, my feelings after Luxury Lounge. I just feel so much urgency to get to the "meat" of Tony's final confrontation with himself that, when I sense little progress being made toward that, I get frustrated.

I certainly was critical of the lack of treatment Ade's death or "disappearance" and felt her mother had to become involved. That was a major plus for this episode. But I couldn't help but want to see something more from Tony, either during or after his conversations with Chris and Carmela or in therapy, something that would give us more insight into what, if anything, he's feeling or repressing about killing this girl. Frankly, I was disappointed we didn't get a Tony dream about Ade once she became a focus of the episode. It just seemed such a natural progression from all his waking reminders.

Maybe I'm just a victim yet again of totally unrealistic hopes about a borderline sociopath. But instinctively, I've felt that Ade's murder would weigh far more heavily on him than any other, except perhaps Tony B's. And while evidence to support that may yet emerge, we haven't seen a scrap of it so far. Makes me worry.

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You know, that makes me wonder about whether Tony really is capable of finding redemption.

I think the inclusion of the flashback was CRITICALLY important for several reasons. First, this is one of very few flashback sequences ever included in the show, which is especially notable because I think the only ones I can remember were from the pilot when they were introducing Tony's life through his conversations with Melfi.

Second, there was not a second of compassion or empathy in that basement in the flashback. Tony's immediate thoughts were about his own safety and security, and how much Adrianna had given up to the Feds. Despite Tony's relationship with Adrianna, there was not a second's hesitation in Tony's words, actions or eyes when he told Christopher that it would be taken care of. Tony didn't hesitate, even for a moment, to decide that Adrianna had to die.

That flashback was there for a reason, maybe this episode did say a lot about Tony's view on life, but it might be saying things that you don't want to hear.


Re: More Godfather Nods

I believe it was jayduck who pointed out last week the significant number of Godfather "tributes" (for lack of a better word) in the Sopranos this season. The Ride featured a couple more.

While I can't say that the street festival itself was created to honor Godfather, there's no denying the similarity. Italian street festivals with the parading of religious icons were key sequences in both Godfathers 2 and 3. This one reminded me especially of the one in GF3.

Also a parallel: Cavalleria Rusticana is heard near the beginning of the street festival scenes. This was the same Mascagni opera that was the centerpiece of the last 20 minutes of GF3.


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A few thoughts:

First, Tony's scene with Christopher in the basement. Looking backon it, both of them acted as if it was a great emotional moment in which Tony supported Christopher through the crisis. But in reality, Tony's reaction was the opposite. He ripped Christopher's shirt open to see if he was wearing a wire. In other words, he didn't trust Christopher enough, which goes to show how shallow these relationships really are and how little trust there is within "the family."

Second, the Lebanese guys again played a role. I think these ties are going to be the downfall of the family. First, the FBI agents now claim to be working the terrorist beat, which is possible, though also possibly a cover. The Middle Eastern guys that Tony is now working with [in this episode through a Centrum theft - that's a big score?] might either turn out to be under scrutiny by the feds or may even be feds themselves. Tony is linked to them through credit card fraud, possible weapon sales and now this. I actually suspect that it is the latter - that the Middle Easterners are Feds - might be more likely. They seemed to be goading Christopher, and got Murmurs to do what Christopher wanted. I can see Murmurs flipping on Christopher, etc.

Also, the family looks like it is suffering financial problems. Tony has unloaded businesses, and new businesses in the neighborhood aren't playing the game. Look at other hints of their business situation -Centrum vitamins are now a big score, and they can't afford to pay for the gold hat or proper rides at the festival that they basically own and run for the neighborhood.

Lastly, my impression of the Carm and Ade question has to do with Carm being placated. Carm might not have suspected that Ade was murdered before, but once she heard it she knew it was possible, all she wanted to hear from Tony was an excuse that she could believe. Part of Carm's personality is a willful ignorance. If Tony can make an excuse up that is believable, she will believe it to protect herself from knwoing the real Tony and feeling sick by all her material belongings and how they were acquired.

The question is: was Tony's excuse good enough? In the exchange, it is almost like Carm knows it happened and she challenges his truthfullness, but ultimately accepts it. The stangest thing about the exchange was that Tony was on the defensive and had a premade excuse about domestic violence and forensic evidence. If it was me, that reaction would appear guilty. But for Carm, it gives her the cover she needs.

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As an interesting side note, I missed the previews for next week's episode, so I cruised over to HBO's site and watched the preview for "The Ride"

The text that they flash in between scenes was:

"Watch your step. Some secrets don't stay buried."

Seems to be a pretty clear emphasis on future development of the Adrianna plot.

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