Re: The wine theft

halfcusamano...Tony's approach to Domenica at the end (half-growling while smiliing) totally reminded me of the scene in Godfather I between Vito and his grandson. Chillingly so. I am sure that other on the board have mentioned that same thing.



I was just thinking....I know he's busy with his own son in law's rehab but if ever there was a time when Tony could probably use Hesh's wisdom, it's now--to vent about Junior, his son, the crew, or to just sit and be still with. I'm sorry that Tony seems to be communicating less with him than he has in past seasons.


Re: The Basement and Other Stuff

The same mood of being mutually "bored" has
entered Tony's therapy sessions with Melfi. She
looks at Tony with utter disdain, since she knows
he's actually incapable of making the necessary
committment to change or evolve. The therapy
has reached a crucial point of a standoff and a

Fate and destiny have taken over everyone in
"The Sopranos " at this point.


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